10 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia 2020 Reviews

If you are facing sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot, then you are suffering from Metatarsalgia. To be more specific, this is a condition that can be caused by several reasons including excessive weight, arthritis, foot deformities, and gout. But it can also be caused by reasons like wearing ill-fitted shoes or heels for a long time or putting pressure on the foot recurrently. Our compilation of the best shoes for metatarsalgia will help you in this matter.

You can manage it by using over the pain killers, massage, applying a cold pad to the injured area, and wearing the right footwear. The right shoe will help relieve the pressure off of the ball of the foot and will help you to do things that are otherwise becoming difficult.

What is Metatarsalgia and how can shoes help me?

To understand the problem better let’s make it simple, there are five metatarsal bones in your foot. The point where these bones meet the toes is called the ball of the foot and inflammation or injury in that area is the main cause of Metatarsalgia.

You will feel sharp pain especially when you stand or walk on the hard surface even barefoot. You feel numbness and tingling in your toes. It is like a pebble in your shoe all the time. The discomfort and pain are limiting your movement.

You can make yourself comfortable and Metatarsalgia manageable by getting yourself special shoes designed especially for the purpose. You can also use insoles, but good shoes can go a long way. The right shoe will release the pressure from the ball of the foot while standing or walking. So, make your life easier and pick suitable Metatarsalgia shoes for yourself.


How to Choose the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia?

The best way to pick a shoe for your condition is first to consult your orthopedic about what kind of support you should look for in shoes. Usually, with Metatarsalgia, you should look for a supportive shoe with padding for the arch in the foot.

Many shoe stores also have free fitting analysis to ensure you get the perfect shoe for yourself. So, when you go to the shop, don’t hurry. Take your time, try it out. Wear the shoes on both feet and walk around a bit. By doing so you will realize if it provides you the proper support or not.

The shoes should have padded sole, wide toe and ankle support. The Metatarsalgia pain is in the ball of the foot, the ankle, and the toes. Make sure you pick the shoes that provide comfort and support for all three areas. The shoes with a wide toe area allow the Metatarsals to spread naturally, distributing the pressure evenly throughout the foot. There are a few things that you should note while picking the right shoes.

Features to look for in the Metatarsalgia shoes:

  • The footbed edge should be elevated to protect the toes
  • Toe bar promotes the movement of the foot
  • To shift the pressure from the middle of the foot, cross arch support should be present
  • Materials like natural cork, leather, and suede provide a natural and healthy environment for the foot
  • Inner and outer longitudinal arch supports and stabilizes the heels
  • The deep heel cup holds the foot firmly balancing the heel
  • Flexible footbed makes your foot comfortable

Top 10 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge4.8
ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes4.7
Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-on4.6
Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker4.7
Crocs On The Clock Work Slip Resistant Work Shoe4.6
Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO Running Shoe4.7
Brooks Ghost 114.8
New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe4.7
Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB35004.5
Twisted X Men’s Driving Leather Moccasins4.5

1. Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge

The Clarks Arla Jacory is a two-strap sandal inspired by athletic wear. The cushion soft base is extremely comfortable. The hook and loop in the back make it adjustable yet securely fitted. It has a rubber sole with 1.5-inch heel height. The lightweight Eva midsole makes it perfect for you as it doesn’t put pressure on your foot while walking.

These sandals can be worn all day even if you have to stand and walk for long intervals. It is available in 4 colors. The strap on the toes is easily stretchable but the Velcro fastener gives a grip for good fitting. The cushioning and the material make it ideal for sore feet. It is perfect for casual wear.


  • Comfortable heel size
  • Sole material is TPR
  • Affordable price
  • Available in wider toe box


  • No removable in sole
  • You can clean the dirt with warm water but the color will not return because of the textile material

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes

If you are into running and jogging, then this is an ideal shoe for you. It is made from 100% synthetic and imported material. ASICS Venture 5 running shoes have a rubber sole and a Gel cushioning system. There is a removable foam sock liner to accommodate orthotics. The outer sole is trail-specific with high abrasion rubber for good grip.

The brand name ASICS is a standard in itself in sports and running shoes. They are very good for hiking as well. The outer sole is designed to work on a variety of terrains. It is available in 10 different colors to choose from.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Foot is protected on every kind of terrain
  • Soft inner sole and breathable inner lining


  • The size sometimes fit differently
  • The ankle support is not that good and the foot tends to slide a bit

3. Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-on

It is a handmade shoe that can be used for every type of exercise especially for walking. This lightweight shoe has the upper side made of textile. It is easy to wear and has a durable rubber outer sole. The Vionic has an APMA seal of acceptance. You can see their innovative biomechanical technology at work in every shoe.

The EVA inserts will give you metatarsal support that will ease the discomfort and pain you feel while walking. This sneaker is all about comfort and ease.


  • Very comfortable for people who have to stand a lot
  • Wide heel
  • Perfect winter slippers that can be worn everywhere


  • For flat foot people the arch might be too high
  • Too tight from the top of the foot

4. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

The air-cooled breathability and memory foam inner sole make the Ups an ideal sneaker for the Metatarsalgia patients. It has most padding in the middle foot area releasing pressure from the toes. The heal and toes are elevated. The sole is made of rubber while the material used is 100% Trubuck. There are 4 color combinations available.


  • Good heel support
  • Gives extra cushioning under the feet
  • Good for aching feet
  • The shoe tongue doesn’t slip


  • Wide sizes are not available
  • Sometimes the memory foam feels too spongy

5. Crocs On The Clock Work Slip Resistant Work Shoe

These are made from 100% synthetic material, slip-resistant, and easy to wear slip-on shoes. These can be worn for long work hours in jobs like nursing, chefs, and hard workers who need to stand or walk for long hours. With wide toe and relax fit and the strap at the back, it gives the exact amount of comfort your metatarsal bones need. These are slip-resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


  • Weather proof and durable
  • Great clean and simple design
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Can be painful for the heel if worn for hours
  • You need to go down your shoe size to get good fitting

6. Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO Running Shoe

In a stylish and graceful color scheme of grey, slime, and orange, Saucony Zealot ISO is 100% synthetic and imported. It has a rubber sole with a good grip, Power grip, neutral insole cushioning and supportive fit. They are pretty lightweight with a wide toe box. Saucony is one of the renowned names in running shoes and Zealot keeps up the trademark ISO fit, feel and performance.


  • Heavy cushioning yet light weight
  • Wide toe box
  • Durable material


  • Comfortable for walking but not comfortable for running
  • Toes can make tears in the fabric

7. Brooks Ghost 11

It is the best choice for runners as it has won the Runner’s World’s Editor’s choice award for 7 years. It is lightweight, secure and soft with very good support for medium to high arch feet. The Bio Mogo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning make it very soft for the ball of the foot. The latest technology used in it makes it not just a very running shoe but also very durable.


  • Durable, can be worn for long hours also
  • Gives ankle support
  • Good for running and walking and even standing


  • Not durable for rigorous running
  • The walls are thin

8. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

It is made of 100% leather with a stiff sole and a wide toe box. The new balance feature is very helpful in walking especially for people with Metatarsalgia.  It also has a Roll bar technology that holds the foot in one place to stabilize it. The cushioning used is ABZORB in the midfoot area. The shoes are lined with seamless odor resistant liner. The outsole is a Strike path for walking.


  • Wide toe box
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • After wearing for long hours, you will feel worn out
  • The ankle and sole might feel hard to people with feet disorders

9. Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB3500

It is made in 100% leather with rubber sole. The inside is cushioned with a soft flap and padding around the ankle. The outsole is slip-resistant, electric hazard protected, 100% metal-free, with ASTM F2892standard complaint. The external heel PLS wrapped with TPU heel counter giving it a good fit.


  • Good fitting and sole are very comfortable
  • Good design, you can wear it everywhere
  • Wide toe makes metatarsal bones comfortable


  • Not slip resistant
  • Not as durable as the claim

10. Twisted X Men’s Driving Leather Moccasins

These boots are handcrafted in leather with rubber sole. It has a steel safety toe making it not just comfortable but also a safe option in men’s casual shoes. This chukka Moc is breathable and moisture absorbing. The footbed is washable making it new every time.  The XD insole makes it stable and wells supported while the outer sole is slip-resistant and durable.


  • Good fitting
  • Light weight
  • Durable on different terrain


  • Can get worn out easily
  • Heel fitting is uncomfortable

Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia


Can flip flops cause Metatarsalgia?

Flipflops are flat and don’t offer much of the cushioning and support for the high arch foot. That is why Orthotics warn that they can cause inflammation and pain in the feet including Metatarsalgia. As per the experts, when you hold the toe piece of the flipflop with your toes, you flex your toes and push the ball of foot into the ground, straining it and causing Metatarsalgia.

How do you tape your foot for Metatarsalgia?

To tape your foot for Metatarsalgia, you will need KT tape or Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. Before starting clean the foot completely off of oil or creams or moisturizers. The foot should be positioned neutrally meaning bend one leg in a sitting position. Now put the second one over the first one as if sitting cross-legged. Take one-half strip and place the center of it unfold on the point of pain with an 80% stretch. Now take the second half tape and place it on the first one without stretching. Now take the other 10-inch full tape. Stretch your toes up, tape one end of the tape behind the toes. Apply the tape down the foot up till over the heel stretching it 50%. Apply the last two inches of the tape without stretching at all. Rub the tape to activate the adhesive and smooth out the tape against the foot.

Does Foot massage help Metatarsalgia?

Massage of the ball of the foot helps relieves tension and fatigue built inside of the foot. You can get a restored arch by a proper massage of just 3 minutes. Metatarsal massage involves special techniques for the massaging of the Metatarsal area to relieve the foot of the pain.

How long does it take for Metatarsal to go away?

The recovery from Metatarsalgia depends on your age, health condition and whether or not you have a previous foot injury. If all is normal then it might take from a few days to a week or two for recovery. Otherwise, it may take longer or till the issue is resolved.

What is the best treatment for Metatarsalgia?

To recover from Metatarsalgia, the best thing is to rest. Keep your foot protected from further injury or stress. Ice the affected area, try an over the counter pain killer, use Metatarsal soles, arch support, and wear proper shoes.

How do I know if I have Metatarsalgia?

If you have a sharp, aching, burning pain at the ball of your foot. The pain increases when you stand for long intervals or walk barefoot or on a hard surface. When you rest you feel better. That means that you most likely have Metatarsalgia.


Metatarsalgia is a painful foot condition that is caused when the Metatarsal bones are forced or flexed into an unnatural position. It can also be caused by an injury or other conditions like Arthritis. Whatever the reason may be, you can relieve yourself of this painful condition by using pain killers, massage, exercise, and proper footwear.

Proper shoes that support the foot, doesn’t confine the toes or press the Metatarsal bones and has a comfortable insole with special padding for ball of foot and arch of the foot. The aim is to give comfort to yourself and make standing and walking easier for yourself.

If you work in a job where you have to walk a lot or stand for long hours like in nursing or catering, you might develop Metatarsalgia. We have picked a variety of solutions to cater to the Foot of the matter!

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