10 Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches 2022

There certain things that we can never change. High arches are a condition of the feet that can never be changed because it is essentially nature. Much the same as the condition of level feet, high arches can be an issue for specific individuals, particularly sprinters or runners. It is a fact that one cannot modify the condition, but that does not imply that we overlook it and give in to it. Extensive research reveals that with the correct running shoes, this condition can be overcome. In this manner, sprinters with high curves focus carefully on using the most comfortable running shoes that are suited to the high arches. Selecting the correct running shoes can be quite a headache at times. Not to stress, however, because this post will make things simpler for you with reviews of the ten best running shoes for women with high arches.

Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches

Top 10 best running shoes for women with high arches

Saucony Women's Ride 10 Running-Shoes4.7
Brooks Womens PureCadence 64.6
Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe4.9
ASICS Women's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe4.8
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 354.7
Brooks Women's Ghost 114.6
ALTRA Women's Torin 4 Road Running Shoe4.9
Brooks Women's Glycerin 174.9
Adidas Women's Solar Glide Running Shoes4.8
Salomon Women's X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes4.9

1. Saucony Women’s Ride 10 Running-Shoes


  • 100% synthetic and most excellent quality material
  • Imported product
  • Sole made of rubber
  • The shaft measure is almost low from the top to the arch
  • The upper mesh part is engineered for a dynamic and lightweight fit
  • The topsole is of EVERUN brand which provides consistent padding to the soles of the feet
  • The outsole is updated to the TRI-FlEX brand for the fantastic combination of protection, comfort, and flexibility


Slip into the pair of Saucony Ride 10 shoes for a fantastic running experience. Run faster than the wind with the technologically advanced pair of running shoes that epitomize comfort and smooth movement.

Save the soles of your feet against any resistance and friction with the soft and flexible padding that is designed to cushion the roughest of strikes. Relish the luxurious blend of gloriously engineered upper mesh framework, the woven collar of the heels, and the refined design of the tri-flex outsole while you run for miles and miles without the slightest wear and tear.

The shoes come in a variety of seven colors like blue and white, purple citron, black coral, grey, grey berry, blue, and whitish blue. Select the color of your choice and revamp your running experience.


  • The shoes are highly friction-resistant and lightweight
  • The toe box is very spacious
  • There is no break-in


  • The support for the high arch is minimal

2. Brooks Womens PureCadence 6


  • 100% pure and high-quality fabric
  • Imported from abroad
  • The sole is 100% synthetic and durable


Ride the raging storm with the Brooks Pure Cadence 6 running shoes. Strap on the running shoes and run faster than everyone else because the shoes are so engineered to make you relish the experience of running. It is an overpronation type of supreme stability features.

The cushioning is super comfy and lightweight, and the response is so flexible that every movement is protected against the worst of strikes and accidents. The user can run on rough roads after lacing up the Brooks Pure Cadence 6 running shoes. The mesh framework is stretchable, and the material of the upper part is 100% synthetic. The upper part makes use of the strategic stretch technology and the structure for smooth and seamless movement. The closure can be neatly adjusted with laces, and the collar and tongue are firmly padded for a soft feel against the upper part of the feet. The insole is a comfortable layer of removable foam, and the guide rails are so lightweight that the body glides into a smooth flow of movement.

The fabric lining is so soft and smooth that it offers impressive in-shoe comfort and feel. The best part of the running shoes is that the midsole of each shoe is composed of BioMoGo DNA which furnishes the feet with dynamic padding that has the fantastic ability to adapt to every step and stride. The rounded shape of the heels of the shoes helps to enhance the alignment and assists in minimizing the pressure upon the joints. The grooves of Omega Flex type bring about a considerable improvement in the natural movement of the feet while running. The outsole is made of rubber which helps to make provision for reliable grip and firm traction.

The weight of the shoes is about 8 oz, and the width is B-medium. The Brooks Pure Cadence 6 running shoes for women with high arches come in three delightful colors that include Black or anthracite or blue iris, castle rock or black or diva pink, evening blue or pink peacock or island paradise. Pick a color and turn your running experience into a fashionable and exciting experience.


  • The shoes are lightweight, padded, breathable, and protective
  • The toe box is wide and there are several colors to choose from


  • The traction is not good enough
  • The size is a tad too small

3. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe


  • The material of the running shoes is 100% synthetic and of the most exceptional quality
  • The shoes are an imported product
  • The soles of the running shoes are made of rubber which lends a soft and comfy feel
  • The shaft measure is almost low to the top from the arch
  • Cloudwave has on offered a comfortable, lightweight, stable, and delightful feel for the feet
  • The air mesh network of the upper part of the running shoes is so engineered for a dynamic and powerful feel while you run
  • The upper part provides excellent support and flexibility for smooth and stress-free motion.
  • The running shoes come with a soft and comfortable anatomical sockliner for additional support and padding to the arches on the feet.
  • A layer of U4ic type of midsole is present for additional cushioning and comfort


Luxuriate the comfort of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 running shoes from the first to the very last step of your running rounds. The manufacturer of the running shoes takes pride in the glorious engineering and technologically advanced techniques in which the shoes have been manufactured. The shoes can guide the runner along with a supportive and flexible sprint. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is a fantastic blend of Cloud Wave technology and Conventional Wave design of the fan shape to furnish the runner with a supportive, cushioned, stable, flexible, and responsive ride.


  • The shoes are incredibly supportive
  • The padding is firm and comfortable
  • The shoes are lightweight and highly recommended for running long distances


  • The shoes are too costly

4. ASICS Women’s GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe


  • The material is genuine synthetic and imported
  • Sole is of rubber and shaft of about 3 inches from the arch
  • FluidFit upper part with a multi-directional stretch of mesh and GEL padding at the rear foot, upper foot, and forefoot
  • Shock-proof


The technologically advanced upper part makes provision for supreme comfort, durability, and fitting. The running shoes are a fantastic combination of Propulsion Trusstic and Discreet Heel Unit.


  • The inner sole is removable which makes the cleaning convenient
  • The heel is evenly tapered for more stability
  • There is a support for the arch that prevents the folding of the toes
  • The sole provides a firm grip


  • The level of water-resistance is very low and the shoes can get soggy easily when in contact with water.

5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35


  • Mesh and synthetic combination
  • Sole of rubber
  • Imported product
  • Improved breathability and comfortable padding


The Nike air zoom pegasus 35 running shoes for women with arched feet have been updated to be fantastically smart, both in appearance and execution. The air unit and the inclined heel work in cooperative energy to accomplish incredible responsiveness, while the designed work and flywire links guarantee excellent stability during running.


  • The shoes are highly water-proof
  • The ventilation is of superior quality
  • The shoes provide adequate support
  • The shoes are pretty affordable


  • The shoes are prone to wear and tear and do not last very long

6. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11


  • Manmade
  • Sole of rubber and imported product
  • Gender-neutral


The Brooks® Ghost 11 running shoes for women with arched feet includes a lightweight development and a smoother run from the heels to the toes so that your performance develops rapidly.

The shoes offer about medium and more support for the arches. Designed work upper gives improved breathability and required stretch. Lightweight manufactured overlays. Customary trim up conclusion. Rich tongue and neckline. Delicate texture lining for an incredible in-shoe feel. Removable froth insole for fantastic underneath solace and backing. BioMoGo DNA is a mix of earth-accommodating BioMoGo and responsive Brooks DNA and has a gender-neutral padding design, and overall, the shoes are incredibly comfy and highly advanced.


  • The shoes are very supportive
  • The innersole is easily removable
  • The shoes are lightweight and highly durable


  • The shoes can be too expensive

7. ALTRA Women’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe


  • Lightweight mesh and low height of the stack
  • Rapider, faster, and more responsive
  • Smooth and flexible


This pair of running shoes for women with arched feet includes the new Altra Quantic cushioned sole and evacuated the layer of Strobel which results in 2mm less pad/stature. This pair is lighter, quicker, and increasingly responsive. The important decoupling of the outsole provides you with an adaptable yet flawless ride all through, and with a lightweight execution meshwork, this shoe is prepared for running for miles.


  • The toe box is very wide
  • The upper mesh area is highly breathable
  • The shoes are responsive and lightweight


  • The size of the shoes is slightly small

8. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17


  • The Brooks® Glycerin 17 running shoes for women with arched feet will release you the separation with its staggering adaptability, sturdiness, and responsiveness staying aware of you at all times! Forerunner: Glycerin 16.
  • Bolster Type is neutral and the cushioning is maximum.
  • Surface: Road.
  • Differential: 10 mm Please click here for more data about Glycerin 17 innovation. Twofold Jacquard


Mesh upper for great breathability, adaptability, and security. 3D print protective covering has a critical stretching and the framework for a protected fit. Extravagant inside bootie gives rich solace without giving up responsiveness and dependable strength. Unified ribbon up conclusion conveys a secure, customizable fit. The padded neckline and tongue provide comfort for the feet.

The smooth and seamless coating makes incredible wear within the shoe — removable padded insole for astounding underneath solace and backing. Perfect Pressure Zones help to scatter sway far from your body for an all the more even, smooth ride. Rich DNA LOFT Transition Zone ensures each heel-to-toe progress is delicate and soft. Padded DNA LOFT padded sole adjusts to each progression, take into account unimaginable underneath help and solace.

The sturdy elastic outsole gives fantastic footing, so every progression is a sure one. Imported product. Estimations: Weight: 9 oz. If it’s not too much trouble note that estimations may shift by size. Weight of footwear depends on a solitary thing, not a couple.


  • The innersole is firmly cushioned
  • The lining is firm and breathable
  • The shoes are highly recommended for diabetics


  • The shoes are somewhat expensive as compared to the rest of the running shoes.

9. Adidas Women’s Solar Glide Running Shoes


  • Synthetic
  • Sole of rubber
  • Imported product


Go the additional mile in these running shoes for women with high arches. These shoes are engineered for the committed and can cover 5ks and marathons as well. The stabilizing upper mesh is on top of the Boost padded midsole which makes provision for a supported and comfortable sprint. The heel counter interlocks the feet and gives a firm fit. The Solar Propulsion Rain assists in guiding and propelling the feet while running. There is a system of torsion between the forefoot and the heel that provides stability and the stretchweb outsole naturally flexes to make your running more dynamic. The Continental Rubber provides a good quality of traction.


  • The shoes are comfortably padded
  • The heels are firm and tapered evenly for more stability


  • The shoes tend to lose elasticity with use
  • Can be too expensive

10. Salomon Women’s X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes


  • Aggressive grip and breathable mesh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Imported product
  • Can support more than two runs in a week
  • Presence of Quicklace system and lace pockets
  • 3D type of grip for traction
  • Weight is 250g and height is 26/16 mm


The internal part of the running shoes are very much padded and accompanied by a wide toe area to give enough space for the toes and avert superfluous pressing of the toes prompting a firm grip. The Sensifit technology securely wraps the feet and the Sensiflex technology provides a snug and comfortable fit. The shoes have molded EVA type of midsole for firm padding against trail or urban environments.


  • The sole is light and non-slippery
  • The shoes are highly recommended for diabetics


  • These running shoes can be a tad too costly

Running Shoes for Women

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches?

While checking out the running shoes pay attention to the recommendations of the famous brands who persistently suggest determining the height of the arch for identification of the kind of shoes that are needed. Before shelling out the dough on a pair of expensive CrossFit shoes, focus on determining the exact type of arch and make sure that you possess Cavus foot otherwise the boots won’t be of much use.

The most common and most straightforward tests for the determination of the type of arch is the wet test. Dip your foot in water and then place the damp foot on a piece of brown cardboard. Stand firmly on one leg so that your whole body weight falls on the foot that is in contact with the cardboard. Stand for a few seconds in the same position and then step off the cardboard. Observe the footprint on the cardboard carefully and compare the type of arch with the guide for the determination of your specific model.

There are a handful of essential elements that you need to keep in mind while making a choice about the perfect CrossFit shoes for women with high arches. Take note of the following features and then select the pair that best fits your arch.


When you have high arches, more weight will be placed on your heel, and the balls of your feet because the middle part of the foot is much more top. That’s why higher arches require a different sort of support compared with flat or medium feet. If you want to choose the right running shoes, you should look for the shoes that will provide the center of your foot the correct height of insole to carry it while holding the body’s weight.


Your forefoot and heel must also have the right cushioning. But here your choice will depend on not only your arch type but also on pronation or the way the foot rolls. Underpronation occurs when the foot folds inward; overpronation occurs when it folds outwards. If your foot does not fold, then it is neutral pronation. Highly arched feet don’t need a significant amount of cushioning since it has little support in the arch. High-arched feet commonly ensure low shock absorption, so your feet appreciate the shoes with the additional padding.

Enough comfort

Your running shoes need to be comfortable. The appropriate high arch support is one thing, but feeling comfortable during intense training is what you need. Choose the running shoes that fit you best and try to buy the shoes after the day is almost over as the feet generally swell slightly during the day’s activities so at the end of the day they will be at their largest size. This helps you to pick the running shoes that are too small.

Of course, the breathability of your running shoes shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially today, when current technologies allow designing shoes with breathable and lightweight materials. It’s essential to choose the shoes with decent airflow and ventilation to provide your feet maximum comfort while you’re running.


The critical component that cannot be ignored by runners is the flexibility of the model. The flexibility in CrossFit shoes helps compensate for the stiffness of the high-arched feet. Remember, the mesh or syntactic upper gives your additional footwear flexibility. Besides, the midsole and outsole should be also flexible and allow your foot to move naturally.

Don’t forget if you have high arches; your feet don’t have much contact in the center. Thus, a perfect running model should fill this gap and provide you this necessary stability. Choose the shoes with s steady running platform and excellent traction with sturdy, well-designed outsole.


When picking the running shoes, the shoe’s shape or last shape also needs to be considered. Try to choose the shoes that have a curved last because this structure allows you to have more neutral running experience. But if you choose a slip last, it will also be a great option as this design can provide your feet with extra cushioning, flexibility, and comfort.


Can I purchase insole for supporting the high arches?

Some inserts and insoles can be matched with the running shoes; the best option is to buy a pair of running shoes instead that suit your requirements and provides support to the arches without the addition of accessories. If you require extra assistance, you can buy running shoes with additional compatible insoles, but that can make the shoes heavier and slow you down while running.

Does every brand have running shoes for women with high arches?

There are lots of brands that offer running shoes for women with arched feet. However, it is not possible for every reputed brand on earth to cover such shoes. Consider the brands and names from the list and choose accordingly for a sleek and powerful running experience.

Are the same models of running shoes available for men with arched feet as well?

Fundamentally, the only difference between the shoes of men and women is the size. Usually, the size of the running shoes of the women is a couple of inches more prominent than that of men. However, there are several options of best running shoes for men with arched feet as well.


Any individual who has high arches should be set up for a battle with regards to shoes. Wearing legitimate footwear on the off chance that you are experiencing a high curve is fundamental to managing the agony. Supporting your feet appropriately to suit the high curves during the day, while, at work, school or anyplace you go is amazingly significant, because you should circulate the body weight on your feet as opposed to uncovering over the top weight on your impact point.

There are unique shoes that help those experiencing high curve to return to their everyday lives and schedule, without paying over the top in the meantime. These extraordinary shoes have higher tops to them, with additional pad and backing to enable those enduring stroll to better without hauling the foot. Cushioning and curve bolster that are incorporated with these shoes alongside a heel cushion is the most ideal approach to guarantee that the torment won’t be as severe, so you can return to what’s generally significant. You are not wearing shoes that help your high curve condition could exacerbate the foot further.  It will put more weight on that foot and make mishaps progressively reasonable.

You risk causing lower leg sprains on account of the clumsiness of the foot, and how tilted it moves toward becoming with high curves. This will steadily deteriorate after some time if you don’t wear the best possible footwear, and will likewise need to manage enormous measures of agony throughout the whole day.

It tends to be hard to walk and run when you experience the ill effects of a high curve, yet when you locate the ideal pair of shoes that help your foot be agreeable and free of torment, it will make everything that a lot better. Remember that if you put resources into the correct pair of shoes to help with your high curve, regardless of whether they are somewhat out of your financial limit, you will never think twice about it. Wearing the correct shoes to help your curve appropriately is the ideal approach to shield your foot from ending up more terrible, and will save you numerous wounds later on.

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