10 Best Running Shoes for Kids 2020

Running shoes differ in specification from walking shoes, runners should avoid walking shoes because the most walking shoes stiff in the configuration that way a runner does not want and it all not as flexible as they need to run. This is the reason, walking shoes are usually not good for health and running. Once your kids start getting run around on their two feet, it means baby needs to a safe thing that can deny any kind which may create unnecessary problems. If a shoe provides security to both the feet, and comfortably wrapped to their feet, it means this Best Running Shoes for Kids. Meanwhile, in this fashion era, most brands have tried to meet the kid’s requirement by providing flexible and comfortable running shoes using the latest technology and excellent materials.

The running shoes contain various functions, and designers keep trying to get front its updated version among the users. Best kids running shoes lead in the quantity and quality of used material, it’s all about in the amount of cushioning, from minimalist creation for racing to cushioned for run up to long-distance running. The newer design of kids running shoes has also aimed to frame and cushioned with far less weight and intact configuration in order to delete points of skin that may lead to the bleb. The Best Running Shoes For Kids have a different level heel to toe drop to serve the requirements of midfoot-striker, heel -striker, and toe-striker. Apart from all these, the used elements to construct running shoes also categorize and whether they are best constructed to work in the right way on overpronation.

Finding the best running shoes for kids is not an easy task especially when you are selecting among numerous brands at your locally based stores. However, you can see your best option online what will suit you for flexible use like in running, walking or moving, where you can get several options.

In the purchasing process, the most important things are it should be engineered on that basis which must compile the requirements of the young runner’s feet. It is considered to be the best kids running shoes if it adopts features how the foot moves while running and what the thickness of Cushioning in order to protect against the impact during the running. To move foot freely inside the shoes, they must have some room, because shoes get extended while running, but not too much. Adequate flexibility is must be needed so that it can allow feet to move naturally and comfortably. The newer model of running shoes is being designed to develop your kid’s feet healthily.

Best Running Shoes for Kids

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Kids

A pair of good quality shoes should always be selected by the kids who like to make themselves athlete, and want to keep their feet always healthy. It also renders a way to the development of feet further and can prevent injuries such as shin splints and stress fractures. The guideline below will help how to select shoes from the shops and when to move to a new pair of shoes over the old.

1. Select a Design Made for Running

Running shoes may be similar to the sneaker shoes, but they contain specialized technology and specification to complete the purpose of running. When we are walking, moving, or running, our every part of the body in the bustling situation. In some conditions, your body may rehouse from side to side, with the high speed, up and down, and sudden stop. While kids running, their feet always strike the ground, this is the condition of a pair of running shoes that increases its own width or length of little amount. Unlike sneakers, running shoes include enough cushioning material and better shocks absorption that are able to remove all unnecessary effect from which feet may be injured. Feet can move freely with greater ease inside the shoes.

2. What Price You Pay Decide a Point

When the thing comes to buy running shoes, it generally correlates of the high price tag with high comfort and high technology. You should select the right design and quality within the budget. It does not mean at all you have to purchase a higher price running shoes to enjoy the run. But this thing will have to keep in mind a low price running may be low in the quality and may lead to discomfort for the feet. Inexpensive shoes may mean, they are not designed with the running mindset up, and may not hold up to the requirements that a running place needs. A quality pair of running shoes price range in about from $100 to $250, you should expect to pay in the price range from $110 to $150 for the best kids running shoes, this price range suits to daily runner’ feet.

3. Fit is the Important Factor Before Done

When you buy a pair of running shoes, how it is fit should be the only factor. An ill-Fitting running shoe may not only make your running experience painful, but it may also cause you to change the progress, and leading the potential injuries. To avoid such type issues, we will have to keep some points in mind. Feet always tends to keep the increase as you run, it also leads a bit of swell throughout the day. So this is important you should try shoes either evening or morning when going to buy that may give a more accurate fit.

You should care at the time of buy for the kid’s running shoes that there should at least one thumb gap between the end of the foot and the end of shoes. When wearing the shoes, feet must be wrapped by the shoes, it should not nip or feel muddy. The feet should be centered on the platform of the running shoes. It should be checked for any irritation or abrasive spots as it may lead any blister for long-running.

4. Shoe Selection Types and Quality

When we select a pair of running shoes for the kids, it should have a low arched platform and it should be flexible too. These are those shoes that have no much of gap between the arch of shoes and the arch of the foot when standing. Needs a shoe that can control the motion when kids run, move, or walk. The best running shoe will have a rigid heel counter and durable foam in the middle one-third of the midsole. You should select high arched feet shoes, means which have a large gap between the floor and arch of the foot. We need a shoe that can absorb the shock of running, you will have to look for a shoe that should be flexible and has a thick cushioning.

Best Running Shoes for Kids

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Kids

Nike Kids' Future Speed Running Shoes5.0
Salomon Unisex-Kid's Speedcross J Trail Running Shoe4.9
ASICS Kids Gt-1000 6 Ps Running Shoe4.6
New Balance 860v9 Running Shoe4.5
Saucony Kids' Kotaro Flash a/C Sneaker4.5
Under Armour Kids' Charged Rogue4.9
Altra Kids' ONE JR Running Shoe4.6
Adidas Kids' Ultraboost5.0
Reebok Kids' Print Run 3.0 Sneaker 4.8
PUMA Universal TT Soccer Cleat5.0

1 – Nike Kids’ Future Speed Running Shoes

The kids who love to fit-look and running, both are delivered by Nike Future Speed. This has been built up by a leading shoe company Nike. The company says they developed Nike Future Speed shoes by work over three years with the kids at their lab. They learned “more their preferences and movements”, after observing the speed based test they manufactured future speed shoes. The kid testers of Nike have praised these shoes: “they all don’t pressure my foot so much on the sides” and they all felt very good “Our feet are feeling very comfortable and can move in all the sides freely in them when running, walking or moving”. This shoe is available from 1-7 Y size.

A Rigid and Supportive Midsole

The upper mentioned researches are enough to tell what kind of effect is existing into the midsole, as we know the kids like to strike the ground with an angle while running. Keeping this into mind, Nike has kept more care at heel cushioning for their new creation Nike Future Speed shoe. Therefore, these shoes feature rigid materials surrounding the soft foam for stability.

A fit Space for Grow

One of the most important features is the inclusion of a roomy toe box so that kids can move their own foot in all directions inside the shoe, lightweight feel, and ground feel to allow for neurological development.

Kid Assumed and Cool Look

The Nike’s tester kid have approved Future Speed shoes, they gave rating it as the best running shoes for kids, they said “This is no squeezes too much our feet while walking or running”  and felt more comfortable when they are quick “This allows to turn in all the directions comfortably”. Aside from this, the company has removed one eyelet so the shoe is easy to get on and off.


  • Fast and soft
  • Stable and durable
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Comfortable for running
  • Correct fit and support


  • Expensive
  • Not breathable

2 – Salomon Unisex-Kid’s Speedcross J Trail Running Shoe

This is solid running shoes made of synthetic material. Salomon Speedcross J tried to skip the lace-tying lesson by providing one pull button over the last end, but it has been taken by our tester kids for a little while, in the process of tightening and loosening nothing time has been taken, so they agreed to tuck the laces away. Apart from this, Salomon Speedcross J is reliable shoes in our roundup. These shoes are made for the running, and one tester wore the shoes to a youth running club practice. It has a great grip on all surfaces, available in sizes 13k-6Y.

Technically for Trail-Running

These shoes were prepared with the use of rigid rubber toecap, reinforced sidewalls, and splendid durable material that will protect the feet of your kids. All shoes are actually designed for trail running, and The Contagrip outsoles advertised the shoes and felt good on the grass during the test.

Kids Approved

Due to its activeness and durability, Speed Cross J are the best shoes for the kids who like to hard run. Our tester kids have given positive responses on it, they said after the test “felt good and soft”, one of them said about traction “they felt pretty sticky”, and lastly said that these are best shoes for kids ever.


One of the thing about the Speedcross J is it is stiffer in comparison to other kids running shoes, so parents should consider this if they are taking out the kids off-road on somewhat rugged ground.

Best Shoes Ever

Despite some rigid material and sticky rubber, the shoes are versatile, you can prefer this for other uses.


  • Durable and reinforced material
  • Good on the grass
  • Softness and comfortable
  • Better for rugged ground


  • This is not much flexible
  • Some less soft and few lace issues come

3- ASICS Kids Gt-1000 6 Ps Running Shoe

This is GT- 1000 6 from Asics, these guys are designed to deliver high energizing squeezing in a row. Here, the heel to toes difference is 10 mm and engineered with the lace structure top of it. Asics GT-1000 6 includes a removal foam which can be easily removed off. Its outer edge and used material are fantastic, all tend to natural comfort. The kids can move their foot in all the directions inside the shoes. It gives kids adult- such as cushioning and support. It includes vertical flex grooves for perfect turnover and the company’s “trusstic system” gave lightweight while structure. This is a feature-packed shoe for the little runners available 3.3-7Y at a semi-affordable price.

Kids Approved and Comfortable-Cool

This is kid approved who gave the best review with a slight issue. They liked the feel of fabric material, and felt “soft” & “kinda stretchy”. They did also realize such as they were high off the ground in these shoes. There is more midsole between their feet and the ground in comparison to other shoes that reviewed in this year. Reflective material has been used on the upper case that makes secure in low light.


  • Breathable and soft
  • Kinda stretchy material
  • Fit comfortable for the feet
  • Reflective material makes attractive
  • Available in various colors
  • For low arch feet and fits perfectly


  • Few issues about cushion

4 – New Balance 860v9 Running Shoe

It is an updated version of running shoes, the New Balance 860v9 provides new stability with new stylish work. The designer has tried to make it more breathable by using a more medial post, so if a doctor or coach advice your kids to pronate, check out New Balance 860v9. The perfect cushion has been provided to its midsole by the company’s, it is features that provide natural comfort while running.  The new stretching outside provides more secure felt and also allows for better motion control. It is a bit softer and a bit of stylish, available in sizes 10.5K-7Y and in three widths (standard, wide, and extra-wide).


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Stylish and fit design
  • Best cushioning and support
  • Rubber outsole


  • Available in limited colors

5 – Saucony Kids’ Kotaro Flash a/C Sneaker

Saucony Flash Ac can have comfortable for the kids. On the up, he made the breathable mesh and synthetic material to stabilizing feel. There is no hassle to lace-up, stretch the size as want, and also hook up from the top by the given button on top. It provides a perfect secure feel to the feet of kids. Inside down, placed an Anti-Odor-Lining, and little cushion around all side down, that will make your kids feel comfortable throughout the day. Available sizes are from 10.5K-3Y and in three widths (medium, wide, and extra wide).

Kids & Parents Approved

Saucony Flash A/C have excited to the kid tester with including the stylish funky design on leather, mesh uppers, and zig-zag lining pattern. Even the parents were excited about the antimicrobial-treated liner.

Sure Footing and Super Cool

It also connected with the many cool features. The outsole has strategically added rubber traction, and the availability of a 4mm heel-to-toe drop gives a shoeless experience. It has been recommended as healthy shoes for kids’ feet declared by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


  • More fit and comfortable
  • Flexible sole and soft-fit
  • It’s recommended as a healthy for the kids
  • Durable and stylish
  • Pro-lock technology
  • Available in many colors


  • Look issues over the time

6 – Under Armour Kids’ Charged Rogue

Under Armour’s “Charged Rogue” midsole pleasures compression and molded foam for durability and responsiveness. The test kids thought it felt “springy” and “fun”. This has tested by our kids, one of those said this was “slightly loose” to wear while the forefoot was “tighter” but it gave fun. A solid external heel counter provides support and the locking, while two-tone mesh gives a breathful system while holding kid’s feet in place. They try to down the weight by using solid rubber only on the outsole, the rest part is light. It is available in sizes 4K-12K.

Super Comfort and More fit

This is a lightweight, textured engineered mesh upper creation to increase the ventilation. Under Armour, Charged Rogue leads to comfort with few thick cushions at the midsole. Molded Micro G sockliner takes place for more fit and comfort. This has been tested by our tester kids. Dual-layer Charged Cushioning midsole provides more firm below the heel and softer.


  • Rubber sole
  • Flexible and softer
  • Lightweight and comfort-fit
  • Stylish and round toe
  • Lace up closure
  • Padded footbed


  • Slightly loose and tight issues come from few

7 – Altra Kids’ ONE JR Running Shoe

These shoes have a drying abrasion mesh upper here with minimal seam construction which reducing lightly heard chasing. This also has meshed breathable lining to a great feel in. It has the most efficient stride that will provide natural comfort foot in and off. Altra One Jr. has also a lovely lace up for tightening and loosening as per need of foot. This is the most secure and custom fit. It has a checker part rubber outsource below which allows displaying foot on the ground. These shoes are available in sizes 1K-6Y.

Supports and breathability

This is a very good option in our list of shoes that is most breathable with its best-designed mesh upper with synthetic upper relays. With the zero drop shoes, there is no lot of supports included is designed to help the foot get stronger and help them to provide more stride.

Motion Control and Flexible

The shoes are designed to control the more motion and it is flexible. That means the ground will give the best control as they running.


This part of shoes is durable and made as per Altra’s foot pod technology.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable and stronger
  • Motion control and flexible
  • Stylish and more fit
  • Quick dry material and lightweight
  • Rare zero drop design


  • This has few durability issues

8 – Adidas Kids’ Ultraboost

Adidas Ultraboost shoes are stylish and including preamble upper, three stripes cage, boost midsole, and continental rubber as well. This compounds not only for grown up, nor is a cool-looking, foot-hugging knit upper. To meet the little feet, the airy and energizing cushioning underneath a knit side of the upper, it also includes a “small arch mesh” -though the shoes become neutral for comfort. While continental below flat shoes look like a mountain bike tire counterpart, it provides a great grip while running. Available in sizes 3.5-7Y.

Comfortable and Roomy

The upper part of the shoe is very comfortable because of its structure defining the perfect arch console and gives hug the feet of kids. It is roomy from inside that makes comfortable to the motion for feet in all the directions.

Best for Health

This is recommended as the best shoes for the health too, these are the best running shoes for those who are facing the problem of pronate. This might be your shoes if you need light stability and more responsive.


  • Breathable and comfy
  • Roomy for the motion
  • Mesh and synthetic sole
  • Heavy cushion
  • Stability and durability
  • Available in various colors


  • Some issues in size (differ in size for right and left)
  • Few say it consists of low arch

9 – Reebok Kids’ Print Run 3.0 Sneaker

Even though if your trainee could not reach the training pace just yet, but he can easily match your pace and style inside these Adidas’ shoes.  This is stylish 3.0 pairs including cushion dual density EVA foam in the midsole with a solid underfoot tread that is able to provide a cozy and comfortable feel. It is in still zig and zag structure. A printed textile makes it breathable so that it makes you feel very comfortable throughout the running time.

Rigid and Comfortable

Reebok Print Run 3.0 has used sturdy and top-quality materials to provide stability and durability. An elastic material pouch exits on the tongue of a shoe that almost has a strong lacing system without compromising the comfortability factors. This also includes less cushion material, despite this, you will able to stay at rugged surface comfortably.

Semi Upper Mesh and Shaft Measure

The shoe includes semi-upper mesh while differing at the upper of the toe box that makes it more breathable. A shaft measure has been included by the shoes from the low arch. It is also best for motion control, it has been tested by our tester kids.


  • Rubber sole-more stretchable
  • Durable and best in look
  • Available in more color
  • Breathable and mesh look
  • lightweight


  • Too hard and not best for long-running

10 – PUMA Universal TT Soccer Cleat

It is junior only in its name, but the Universal TT Soccer Cleat Puma’s all qualities of its original inherits. It also a high-energy midsole that provides comfortable running to the kids. Moreover, the zigzag structure between the sole and tongue and heel is designed by the best material that tends it to softness, it is a motion adjustable shoes while running. The shoes have also grooves at the bottom so that kids can slip them on and off easily.  It is a little harder, but best for the kids who love to run faster on any kind track such as the padded floor, tiled floor, regular turf and the new “like grass” turf.


  • Synthetic leather and sole
  • Durable with firm material
  • Comfortable and style fit
  • Grooves at bottom


  • Less color availability

Best Running Shoes for Kids

Kids Running Shoe Shopping FAQ

Here are Some Common Questions and Info You Should Know about Running Shoes.

1 – Why Running is Important for the Kids?

There are lots of reasons why should your kids lacing up and heading out from the home either in the morning or evening. Running is not only important for the body but also useful for the development of the brain. Aside from this, there are so many factors from which running becomes important for the kids.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Health
  • Loss of weight
  • General health
  • Get ripped
  • Run faster

2 – How do I Know the Right Shoes for My Kid?

It’s simple to know, your kid’s perfect & bets running shoes should be durable and flexible that suits the need of a growing child and makes feel comfortable & great from the minute your child put them on until the minute take them off. The feet of your child should not ache, blister, or chafe from his or her shoes; if they do, you may need to find the other running shoe that can comfortably adjust in your kid’s feet. Make sure, the shoes you select for your kid should be flexible, have soft cushioning and perfect grip, this can help them stay comfortable to the last mile and allow running more naturally. Choose the shoes for your child that should hold the foot providing stability without restricting.

3 – How Often Should I Buy New Shoes for My Kid?

Well, this depends upon the growth of your child because your kids are built to keep on growing. Naturally, each kid has his or her own pace of growth, so it’s best to check the shoe’s fit of your kit about every six years. It also depends upon a runner’s stride that affects how fast his or her old shoes wear out. If you don’t feel like your kid’s running shoe is providing adequate protection after running then replace them and get buy a new pair.

4 – Why Does Flexibility Matter for a Running Shoe?

The flexibility of your kid’s shoe matters more; it allows feet to move naturally and comfortably. This can help to build the strength in the growing muscles of your kid’s feet. Adequate Flexible shoes mirror the motion of barefoot feet. So make sure, your kids running in the right shoes designed to keep flexibility and comfort keep in mind.

5 – Why is My Child’s Shoe Slipping Down at the Heel?

This could happen for many reasons; firstly check or identify that the size of the shoe is appropriate and well fitted for your child and then check the grip of the shoe around the ankle of your child. Secondly, check that the laces of the shoes are knotted securely. And finally, make sure that the socks of the child are positioned correctly in his or her feet.

6 – Lace or Velcro Running Shoes- Which is better for Kids?

Lace-up shoes and Velcro shoes both are equally good. For kids, Velcro shoes are easier to put on and take off. While tying up the laces of a kid’s, the shoe is more complicated than doing up the Velcro. Nonetheless, parents should check up to make sure that Velcro shoes are closed properly as otherwise, the shoe will not fit in the kid’s feet as intended. If the shoe is not properly fit on the feet then it will slip on and off as a child walks and cause blisters. If talking about comfort, Velcro and lace-up both shoes are equally good for kids.

7 – Who Cares About Your Running Sounds?

You should be in a consistent buying schedule like yearly or monthly based, you may think to change your kid’s running as per how many miles they have run, you should be brought new when it was run up to 300 miles. If you are finding your family or friend who is caring for your running sounds, then it is OK. But if you are not able to find, then you should join any community and best running advisory websites.


The mentioned kids running shoes above are the Best Running Shoes for Kids in one way or the other. All are running shoes, and are best in all either about its quality or purpose. Each shoe has own tag like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Asics, etc. But it may be possible you do not like among all these, anything we are here, you can send your requirement as you need what quality should be added. We will help you in defining the best shoes for the kids.

We have initially expressed Kids Running Shoes are different in specification and material as the kid’s feet tend to always development. When a child demands better shoes because he wants to become a perfect athlete, then you must be considered their requirement. Here is Nike Future Speed that may boost your energy while running. It has a grip that will be helpful for long-running. Reebok Print Run 3.0, is also the best shoe that is cozy and comfortable includes a grip bottom with the balanced cushioning.

Select Salomon Speedcross J, Asics GT-1000 6, New Balance 860v9 and, Under Armour Charged Rogue, if you want to take a long walking. These shoes will give appropriate convince to the long run. Almost every shoe has a perfect midsole and an excellent platform in which the feet of kids will be secured.

However, you can think about more shoes, but these are the best and selling with the top reviews.

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