10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women 2022

Without a doubt, nursing is one profession that requires absolute smartness, as it is highly demanding. Having to deal with many patients and working long shifts takes a whole lot of mental and physical capacity.

You’d quickly identify a nurse by her scrub which comes in varying colors of white, blue and green. But her dressing cannot be said to be complete without a good pair of nursing shoes. It’d be a dangerous fallacy to conclude that nurses can be exceptional in just any kind of shoes. They do a lot of moving around and as such their feet should be well fitted into the right type of shoes.

The best nursing shoes for women are designed to meet their needs, mainly because of their femininity specifically. These shoes aid mobility and comfort, and you can bet that they speak large volumes of professionalism.

If you are starting your career as a nurse or you have long been in the field, you’d find this article interesting and informative.

Best Nursing Shoes for Women

How to Choose the Best Nursing Shoes for Women?

The choice of the best nursing shoes for women can prove a puzzling task. This article has got you covered and will you help you identify factors to consider when making a purchase. Read carefully:


Above all other factors in buying a nursing shoe, comfort is paramount. You should look out for a shoe with excellent arch support and cushioning. The arch support will help improve your posture, thereby prevent pain in your lower back. You can also consider enhancing your total well-being by getting socks, especially compression socks. They help blood circulate well, to minimize swelling in the feet which are as a result of standing for long hours.


The weight of the shoe should be given strong consideration because you don’t want to be seen dragging your feet slowly as a result of an extra shoe weight. Since nursing involves so much mobility with the legs, you should consider a lightweight pair of shoes. Wearing heavy shoes will have an undesirable and harmful impact on your feet.

Structure and Design

Nursing shoes usually come in different attractive designs, styles, and structure. Some of the most popular brands in the nursing field include crocs, tennis shoes and clogs. These outstanding shoes come with their exclusive benefits and drawbacks depending on the ground surface, medical condition and feet type.

While it is good you have a style in mind, it is essential to choose shoes that do not just eye catchy but the type that suits your feet needs and will aid your mobility excellently well.

You should also consider the quality of the material. Mesh and leather are the popular materials used, but leather is a more durable and breathable material.


Stability is another critical point to consider before making a purchase. Nurses are known to work for long hours; as such, it is very imperative to buy a shoe that gives support and firmness. This is necessary for both health and comfort reasons. A pair of shoes with the right cushioning system will absorb effect from walking and running all day long. This keeps your other joints, such as your ankles and knees from being fatigued.

Resistant to Slip

Due to the possibility of hospital floors getting slippery, you should look out for shoes with rubber soles. A slip or a fall is not a pleasant experience you’d want to have while walking. Moreso, if you realize your shoes are wearing down and becoming wear slippery, there are non-slip pads sold in the market that you can stick to your soles for grip and traction.

All of the above-listed factors are very significant and crucial for your smartness while working and walking. Therefore, consider them carefully when buying your shoes.

Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Alegria Women's Debra Slip-On4.8
Dansko Women's Professional Tooled Clog4.7
Skechers Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant4.5
Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes4.7
Alegria Women's Paloma Flat4.9
Dansko Women's Professional Mule4.9
Sticky Shoes - Women's Cute Nursing Shoe4.5
KLOGS Footwear Women's Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog4.5
B.O.C. Women's Peggy Tooled 9 M US4.6
SoftWalk Women's Meredith Clog4.5

1. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

The Debra slip-on is explicitly designed for those working in health care. Nurses who are on their feet for long periods will find this shoe worthy. The Debra Slip-on features a specially designed footbed made from a combination of latex, cork, and memory foam to provide superior comfort and support. This design allows the footbed to form to the specific shape of the wearer’s feet with a luxurious balance of firm support and soft cushion.

This brand comes in attractive colors and patterns to complement your scrub.


  • 100% Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5 inches
  • Platform measures about 1 inch


  • Print can wear off easily
  • Sizes come in too narrow

2. Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

The Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association is one of the best nursing clogs for comfort with curve support and a firm foot. Perfect for nurses who work long hours standing and moving around on their feet. These clogs deliver comfort all day by reducing strains and pressures on the joint. It also gives your footing a normal stride, which minimizes fatigue.

The midsole is outlined to give your feet the needed support and stability. It is also combined with the outsole to reduce shock impact. These shoes provide all the comfort you will ever need.


  • Wide Toebox
  • Anti-microbial lining material
  • Slip-resistant
  • Polyurethane rocker bottom sole
  • Phenomenal arch support


  • Irregularity in sizes

3. Skechers Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant

Skechers is one of the top rated shoes for women. They are attractive in style, yet delivering excellently well. This shoe is composed of smooth, and solid leather, to ensure maximum durability.

It is also non- slip (slip resistant), knowing fully well the many occupational hazards peculiar to the medical and healthcare field.

A comfortable, memory foam insole gives more comfort to this shoe. The midsole absorbs shock and is very suitable for the feet. It will allow you to spend long hours on your feet without feeling fatigued. You stand keeping protected and secured in Skechers.


  • Excellent non- slip sole to ensure safety
  • Stable outer construct that prevents spills from getting into the shoes
  • Thick memory foam
  • Well cushioned


  • Sizes run too large. You might have to pay more for a smaller size
  • Leather tends to wear away

4. Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

This pair of best nursing shoes for women are made of a Lightweight EVA bottom sole. It comes with a Heel Height of approximately 1.5 inches and Platform Measures 0.75 inches. It is also designed with a Soft synthetic, and stain resistant leather upper allows for easy cleaning with soap and water. Features a slip-resistant style that can move on any surface. The shoe is designed to give you a stable and comfortable feel.


  • Slip-on design with curved tips to prevent tripping
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Soft foam padding that allows you to walk with comfort
  • Durable
  • Attractive and athletic design


  • Considered too cheap and lacking arch support.

5. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

This shoe is a delight that will make your feet feel good. It is designed in a sophisticated leather with animal print at the upper. You won’t have to jeopardize your comfort and style anymore.

The great thing about the Alegria Women’s Paloma is that it has a removable insole. If you have difficulties with your feet, the removable insole can be changed with something much better that suits you. This clog is structured in such a way that it prevents your feet from sweating and unpleasant odors. If the feet could talk, it’d probably say thank you for keeping me dry and clean. You can easily remove them for a while and let your feet take in some air. It comes with incorporated arch support to provide excellent support to your feet.

The footbed is designed to follow the natural curves of the feet. The outsole is designed with a technology that promotes a regular rolling motion, which reduces pressure at the heel. The outsole also promotes a proper posture. The extra depth in the shoe provides a generous fit, allowing the toes to enjoy free movement. It also has a flat bottom, to maximize contact with the floor and increased stability.


  • 100% stiff leather
  • Made of rubber soles
  • Great comfort and support


  • Leather too stiff, not suitable for anyone suffering from a nerve pain

6. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

This mule allows you to walk with style and poise. It is designed with prefabricated leather.

Dansko professional mule comes with a full toe box providing an extra bit of comfort. It features an insole with memory foam of dual density, which provides cushioning comfort. This mule enhances lateral stability, while also decreasing the force.

The insole is removable, that is, you can replace them with gel inserts or whatever works for you. They are very comfortable nursing mules and can correct a bad back. This professional mule as it is called does live up to its name, by providing exceptional support. Dansko Women’s Professional mule is ideal for clinical women with large feet.


  • Wide toe box
  • Heel height of approximately 2 inches
  • Cushioned footbed


  • Susceptible to scuffs

7. Sticky Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoe

These cute nursing shoes are made with a powerful non-slip outsole as is familiar with thermoplastic shoes. Perfect for protecting you from very slippery floors.

With a cute and exclusive pin for healthcare professionals, they will add more charm to your life. The upper and outsole are water resistant, so you need not bother about your feet getting soaked.

These shoes are really light, and the sole has a shock absorber and anti-torsion system. Your entire body will definitely feel the support!


  • Synthetic and rubber-soled
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty manufacturing defect.
  • The footbed is made with an absorbent material to keep your feet dry all day long
  • They typically run true to size. If you usually wear half-size, we recommend you to order these a half-size smaller. The letter M on the size means medium width for women.


  • Not very durable

8. KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog

The Klogs Women’s Naples Mule offers exceptionally comfortable cushioning and non-slip outsoles. The insoles and the outsoles are highly durable, providing excellent support and ease. They are very great shoes for nurses who work in hospitals and health care facilities prone to a slip or fall.

They are cozy, requiring a minimal break-in period. It also features a wide toe box. If you’ve been experiencing soreness and foot aches, I bet you won’t encounter them anymore because Klogs offers a sweet cushioning system.

It is designed with tooled leather, and this also gives the clog a much smarter and striking look. With this clog, you can stand or walk for up to 8 hours or more without stress.


  • Affordable prices
  • Non- slip outsoles
  • The heel is measured up to 2 inches
  • Adequate arch support
  • Wide toe box


  • The print design comes off too easily

9. B.O.C. Women’s Peggy Tooled 9 M US

This women’s Peggy black shoes are designed with a synthetic sole and a platform measuring about 1 inch. It offers moderate arch support that gives your feet stability and comfort. It is also composed of the complete leather upper which doesn’t wear out quickly.


  • Contoured Heel
  • Lightweight outsole
  • Padded collar
  • Textile lining, cushioning footbed
  • Rubber traction outsole


  • Soles tend to crack
  • Very expensive

10. SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog

This clog comes in an ultra-lightweight and flexible sole that gives back energy with each step. The design is perfect for any profession that needs total and complete comfort. With a dual-density footbed that aids cushioning, it makes a great choice. Outstanding slip-resistant gripping.


  • Dual density footbed with heel and arch support
  • Padded collars with elastic gore for comfort fit.
  • Roomy reinforced toe box.
  • Lightweight shock absorbing EVA midsole.
  • Water and oil slip-resistant sole.


  • Lacking durability
  • Very expensive

Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Frequently asked questions

What should be my budget for the best nursing shoes?

The price of the best nursing shoe can vary from $20 to $200. It could be more or less depending on the brand and design construct. For example, buying shoes made with leather will be more cost intensive compared to one made with synthetic material.

Having highlighted the factors to be considered in choosing a nursing shoe, you should place your interests above the pricing. I mean, identify if the nursing shoes fit your personal needs and if they are within your healthcare facility rules. If the shoes are quite expensive and fit perfectly, you should give it a shot rather than settle for a cheap but poor quality shoe. Your budget should assure you of comfort without having to deal with aches, and joint pains.

On the other hand, some shoes are costly does not guarantee top quality. Some low- priced shoes are good. I’ll advise you to ask your colleagues about the type they wear. That could assist in your budget making.

You can also check out sites such as, read reviews and opinions of people who have purchased specific nursing shoes. You’ll find them more relatable.

How often should I change my shoes?

Some nursing shoes are very durable and built to last for a good number of years, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them until your feet begin to beg for new pairs. You can get more than one pair, so you can always interchange them. If you are very buoyant, you can decide to change them every six months.

What features should I look out for a while purchasing my shoes?

As discussed above, there are lots of features to look out for a while making your purchase. Ranging from stability and comfort to material construction and weight.

How do I clean my nursing shoes for it to last long?

To know how best to clean your nursing shoes, you should take into cognizance the material and style. That will determine how they should be maintained and cleaned.

Nursing clogs made with EVA materials can be disinfected with a wipe, while shoes made with fabric can be thrown in the washing machine. If your tennis shoes are made with a piece of fabric, they can be dropped in the wash. Leather shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth to help maintain and prolong life. They are prone to crack and peels when not adequately maintained.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving them in the dryer because it will shrink the material and make them uncomfortable to wear. It’s preferable to leave them in the sun or a well-ventilated area. You can also use disinfectant wipes to sanitize your shoes from germs and dirt.

Another way to increase the life expectancy of your shoe is by having more than one pair. They will last longer if you only wear them for shifts. Like some nurses do, you can keep a regular or casual pair of shoes in your bag or car and change into them right after your shift with your nursing shoes. It stands as a very hygienic method too, helping you avoid taking dirt and germs into your bag or car.

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Say NO to just any kind of shoes. Your feet deserve all the comfort they can get; you deserve to enjoy your profession more, working and walking without pains. All the best nursing shoes for women reviewed in this article are excellent choices for you and enhance mobility and comfort. I believe you must have found these reviews very helpful. Go ahead to make that purchase and be that smart nurse.

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