10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes 2022

How would you like to know about the best New Balance walking shoes to find a shoe that fits your way of life and suitable for your feet? That would be really great, right? Well, this is totally possible, and we are going to talk about it. New Balance is a renowned brand that has invested in manufacturing high-quality walking shoes that are comfortable and supportive. They have an extensive collection of shoes, so as to meet the diverse styles and preferences from customers.

We are going to talk about choosing the best New Balance Walking Shoes as well as looking at what shoes these are. This will help you in getting a great fitness walking shoe.

Let’s get started.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes

How to Choose the Best New Balance Walking Shoes

If you want to buy a pair of New Balance Walking Shoes, there are some factors that you need to consider. These are some of those factors.

1. Environment

As I had pointed out earlier, New Balance is brand that has an extensive range of shoes, from those with a stronger making that incorporates hard platforms and tough upper materials to those with a regular rubber outsole and a leather upper. If you’re to walk in an urban environment with concrete roadways and mild weather, then you should definitely go for the latter. But if you’re to take walks in demanding terrains, then you will be better off with those shoes with tough outsoles and hard upper materials.

2. Breathability

Airflow is important in ensuring your feet are relaxed all through your walks. Your feet will get hot and sweaty if there’s no good breathability, and this could lead to blisters. New Balance shoes that are breathable have a mesh upper.

3. Weight

It is crucial that a shoe offers ample support without overburdening you. However, there could be a trade-off between heaviness and how functional the shoe is if you’re into hard upper materials. There are New Balance Walking Shoes with different weights.

4. Cushioning

The type of cushion used, especially on the midsole, is an important factor to consider. This is because the midsole is perhaps the most essential part of a shoe, especially when it comes to fitness shoes such as New Balance Walking Shoes. You can feel the midsole of your shoe with your hand, to determine how cushioned it is, and therefore how comfortable it is.

5. Toe Room

It is vital to have ample room in a walking shoe’s toe box in order to allow for normal movement. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t get the best fit of your New Balance walking shoes. It simply means your feet will be secure and your toes are able to move freely.

Top 10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's MW840v2 Walking Shoe4.7
New Balance Men's Mw8134.5
New Balance Men’s 990v44.9
New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe4.7
New Balance Men's MW577 Walking Shoe4.5
New Balance Men's MW411v2 Walking Shoe4.5
New Balance Men's MW1400v1 Walking Shoe4.5
New Balance Men’s 33v14.9
New Balance Men's 847V3 Walking Shoe4.5
New Balance Men's 411 Hv2 Walking Shoe4.7

1. New Balance Men’s MW840v2 Walking Shoe

The New Balance men’s 840v2 walking shoe is made as a multipurpose shoe that can cope with numerous walking speeds and surfaces. It features ABZORB cushioning which helps in the absorption of impacts that are forceful, as well as a robust rubber outsole. This men’s walking shoe provides you with the safety and coziness you require to walk daily.


  • This walking shoe offers good shock absorbance, thus making it ideal for walking on concrete surfaces.
  • The shoe has enough cushioning inside for relaxation and support.
  • The shoe is robust.
  • The price for the shoe is reasonable, based on the features it has.


  • When wet, there is inadequate traction from the base of the walking shoe.

2. New Balance Men’s Mw813

The New Balance Men’s MW813 is a walking shoe that is enjoyable for all-day wear. It is equipped with motion-control technology, supportive cushioning and a flexible leather upper. It is able to deliver an effortless ride.


  • The shoe has motion-control technology.
  • It has an elite cushioning and leather upper.


  • The shoe is not much durable.

3. New Balance Men’s 990v4

This shoe has a great feeling of comfort which is as a result of the extra cushioning. It also has arch support which helps neutralize pain in the feet. The New Balance Men’s 990v4 has 3M reflectivity which will enhance your visibility if you’re up for those night-time exercise sessions. The sneaker also has great airflow because of its mesh and pigskin.


  • The shoe has a durable upper construction.
  • The 3M reflectivity in the shoe offers a sense of security to nighttime walkers.
  • The shoes comes in many width sizes.
  • It has great airflow.


  • The shoe has a moderately heavy weight.
  • The shoe has a bulky look.

4. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

The MW877 come with a big toe box room, making them the perfect New Balance Walking Shoes for men with wide feet and toes. It is not easy to find sneakers that are this size, and yet super comfortable. The MW877 are lightweight as well as being very breathable. They also have great airflow and this means your feet have no chance of getting smelly or sweaty.


  • Adequate toe box.
  • The shoes have great cushioning.
  • They are made of tough material, which ensures there is support for arch and ankle.


  • The shoe has to some extent a short tongue.
  • The shoe is not the most appealing.

5. New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

Designed for moderate-pace walkers, the New Balance Men’s MW577 are cushioned on the inside but robust on the outside. They are sturdy and cozy, at the same time providing a great walking platform. They are made of a high-performance outsole which gives maximum traction on most surfaces. The upper is leather made, it is very breathable, thus keeping your feet dry and relaxed.


  • These walking shoes have a leather body that is breathable and robust.
  • They are easy to put on and adjust.
  • The shoes have excellent construction.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • The MW577 provide great shock absorption.


  • The MW577 only have few color choices available.
  • The design is not much attractive.
  • The walking shoes are somewhat heavy.

6. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

The New Balance Men’s MW411V2 are very stylish walking shoes and they are available in white, black and grey for any occasion. The sneakers come in different sizes to suit many people. The MW411V2 have a tough cushion sole that is able to support your whole body during exercise sessions.


  • The MW411v2 have a unisex classic making.
  • They offer support for the lower body.
  • The shoes have a mesh upper, enhancing breathability.
  • They come with an insole that is removable, for replacement or washing.


  • Their size becomes large over time.

7. New Balance Men’s MW1400v1 Walking Shoe

The MW1400V1 is a great walking shoe, especially when it comes to rugged terrains. The walking shoe comes with a waterproof membrane and a leather upper that helps keep you dry. It also features ROLLBAR technology that is aimed at reducing rearfoot movement, thus ensuring stability and keeping you on the right path.   


  • This walking shoe is versatile in different kinds of terrains.
  • The shoe is reasonably priced.


  • This shoe is not the most appealing.

8. New Balance Men’s 33v1

New Balance Men’s 33V1 is comfortable walking shoe. It is made with an open vamp for breathability purposes. The shoe also has enhanced cushioning since it has the Cush+ midsole feature, as well as being stable enough for ideal comfort all day.


  • The shoe is comfortable and durable.
  • It comes with excellent cushioning.
  • It is breathable.


  • The shoe’s design is poor.

9. New Balance Men’s 847V3 Walking Shoe

The New Balance Men’s 847V3 is equipped with motion control functions, making it a great stability shoe. It comes in different sizes and has excellent cushioning, as well as being very flexible.


  • The walking shoe comes with great cushioning and flexibility.
  • The shoe provides motion control elements.
  • It is highly rated by wearers.


  • The shoe is a further modification of its predecessor, and users of its predecessor may not get the same fit.

10. New Balance Men’s 411 Hv2 Walking Shoe

The MW411HK2 is also an exceptional New Balance Walking Shoe. It is also stylish. It is durable, which makes it be good for the environment. The sneaker is well made and well fitting.


  • This walking shoe has stunning looks.
  • It also has a sturdy construction.
  • The shoe is lightweight.


  • The shoe offers little arch support.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes

The exclusive technologies of New Balance shoes

Durability and lightness thanks to New Balance Abzorb technology

Regarding Abzorb, this is a new material that has an outside compression resistance function developed by New Balance, with expert advice from material research company Dupont. Abzorb has soft and light properties similar to EVA. EVA, which is the name of plastic material, is a compound between Ethylene and Acetate, but Abzorb has a much longer life span.

Abzorb technology is really focused on the durability of the shoe, but it has the added benefits. First, the technology helps athletes have the comfort when they are wearing New Balance shoes, reduces the shock force at the middle of the shoe as soon as the foot works, which thus protects the foot better. Second, Abzorb can technically resist compression, which helps the shoes have a longer lifespan. That also implies that you will save quite a bit of money.

No foot pain with New Balance Encap technology

Encap is New Balance’s proprietary technology, focusing on the middle to increase stability and disperse shock force for the wearer. Encap is a combination of durable PU outsole and soft EVA inner core to create a perfect experience for heel and soles.

New Balance Stability Web technology reduces heel pain for joggers

This unique technology of New Balance is very popular with many users because it is aimed at people with plantar fasciitis – one of the main causes of heel pain that most often occurs among athletes.

Stability Web is the technology that uses a EVA cushioning core that is encapsulated into a PU cover, which is located right middle and behind the sole. It is then bent onto the sole of the foot, which is an excellent physical mechanism to support and reduce the weight acting on the foot.

New Balance 3D running shoes are advancing straight to the future

This is probably New Balance’s most powerful technology and it will shake the future of the world shoe industry. New Balance will begin with 3D printing of the midsole unit first, which is applied to running shoes. Midsole is an important part, largely affecting the feeling of the runner.

New Balance will apply the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) method to transform DuraForm Flex TPU, which is a new powdered manufacturing material and also New Balance’s proprietary, into hard form. Then, the 3D printer will put on layers. This combination creates new midsole parts that are perfect for runner. The benefits of 3D printing and the advantages of this new material focus on elasticity, light weight, and durability.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes

New Balance walking shoes FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about New Balance Walking Shoes.

To what extent does New Balance Walking Shoes last?

The amount of time your New Balance Walking Shoes will last is dependent on how frequently you wear them, the purpose you wear them for and how much you care about them. New Balance Walking shoes are made to endure recurrent wears on certain terrains. A lot of people who wear New Balance Walking shoes say that can go for 2-3 years with repeated use.

How do I wash New Balance Walking Shoes with a leather upper?

Leather is resilient and stylish and this explains why a lot of New Balance Walking Shoes are made from it. This makes the shoes great to wear, but again a lot of people pose a concern when it comes to washing the shoes. Use gentle ways to clean your leather walking shoes. Use a dye-free detergent and a gentle bristle brush to remove any marks and stains from your walking shoe.

Is it okay for me to run in New Balance Walking Shoes?

Running in New Balance Walking Shoes is not recommended. This is because New Balance maintains the opinion that walking is basically not the same as running and therefore doesn’t require the kind of support found in running shoes. This explains why New Balance Walking Shoes are designed for mild impact. The type of cushioning in the walking shoes is for enduring the shock of only one to two times of the body weight of the wearer.

Can I hike in New Balance Walking Shoes?

Yes, you can go hiking if you own New Balance trail Walking Shoes. These are made with resilient materials to walk on more demanding terrains. However, for serious hiking, there are specialized shoes with more specifications than the trail walking shoes.

Is it possible to get customized New Balance Walking Shoes?

New Balance Walking Shoes aren’t customized. If you want to update your walking shoes, the best way to do it is to change laces. You can go for laces with prints or those with bold colors. If you’re artistic, you can consider painting you New Balance Walking Shoes.


New Balance Walking Shoes are the best sneakers you’ll find. They are everything they promise to be. If you’re hunting for the best sneakers, then New Balance Walking Shoes is your go-to option. The shoes offer great support, comfort and even enhanced exercises with their high-class technology, exceptional designs, and cushioned soles.

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