10 Best Long Distance Running Shoes 2022 Reviews

Running is one of the favorite activities for millions of people all around the world. Going outside and jog or run on fresh air is priceless. But, to enjoy your running session, you need to get a proper pair of shoes. Many people tend to think that shoes are not that important and that you can pick just about any pair and go for a run. This isn’t true. It is crucial to pick a pair that is designed for running purposes, intended to provide the user with all the essential things. Those things include comfort, support, enough room for the toes, and enough air so the feet can breathe during a run.

So, if you are planning to make your running sessions longer, you need to consider a few things and pick the right pair of best long distance running shoes. That way, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy every minute and every mile of your run, that you won’t get any injury along the way, and that your feet won’t feel tired and sore.

Here, in this article, we are going to share several models of the best running shoes. You can go through this list and pick a pair of shoes that will fit you, your style, and your budget perfectly.

Before listing a few pairs of long-distance running shoes, we are going to tell you more about the things you should consider before buying running shoes. So, this will be a pretty informative article for all the runners out there, and all those who are going in that direction.

Best Long Distance Running Shoes

What to Consider When Buying Long-Distance Running Shoes

There are a couple of things you should take into consideration when starting a long-distance running shoe hunt. Not all shoes are the same. Plus, if you are training for a marathon, or run at least 2 or more hours a day, you need a great pair of shoes, not just any that you see in some store or online. By carefully picking the shoes, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy running, and you can achieve great results and even improve your performance. Without further ado, let’s see what things to consider when buying long-distance running shoes.

1. Comfort

This is the basic thing to look for in the long-running shoes. If the shoes are hard and put pressure on your feet, you won’t feel comfortable when running, not even when walking in that type of shoes. So, it is crucial to pick the soft shoes, that has proper support for the heels, and yet enough room for the toes. That way, you won’t feel any pressure when running, and you will be able to run for hours. Comfort is the key.

2. Pick breathable shoes

Another important thing is that you look for breathable long-distance running shoes. Not all the materials that are used for shoes provide enough air to your feet. So, make sure that you pick a breathable pair of shoes. When you run for hours, your whole body is sweating, including your feet. Without air, you may get fungus and other types of issues. With a breathable pair, you’ll avoid that, and you feel the freshness the whole time during your running sessions.

3. The looks are not the most important thing

One of the biggest mistakes people are making when buying running shoes is the base they decision only on the looks of the shoes. Do not go in that direction. There are many shoes they do look great, but they might not provide the features and all the things you need for your training and running. Like in life, the appearance is not everything. It is way better to pick the shoes that may not look perfect, but offer comfort and stability.

4. Extra Features

These days, running shoes come with a variety of features that make the experience even more enjoyable. Shoe manufacturers are giving their best to create sneakers that will bring ultimate control. These features may prevent slipping and they also provide stability.

Top 10 Best Long Distance Running Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 5 Running ShoesWomen4.8
Under Armour Women’s Charged Rogue Running ShoeWomen4.8
Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running ShoesWomen4.7
Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running ShoeWomen4.7
Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running ShoeWomen4.8
Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running ShoeMen4.9
Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running ShoeMen4.8
New Balance Men’s 520v5 Cushioning Running shoeMen4.8
Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit Running ShoeMen4.6
New Balance Men’s Lazr V2 Fresh Foam Running ShoeMen4.7

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes that at the same time looks pretty awesome, this might be the perfect pair for you. If you are into jogging, running, and workouts for some time now, you certainly head about ASICS before, and you already know this brand is pretty popular. It’s because they have a variety of excellent shoe people from all around the globe pick as the favorite.

These shoes are super comfortable. They are designed to provide and maintain durability. What’s more, these shoes offer great flexibility during a run. Also, the shoes have a cushioning system and ortholite sock liner. There is enough room for the toes, and many ladies recommend these.

As we mentioned already, the shoes look great, and this model is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The combination of colors is fantastic, and all the options look styles. You will match them to your training outfits with ease.


  • Super comfortable pair of shoes.
  • The shoes provide flexibility and stability.
  • They come with the cushioning system and ortholite sock liner.

2. Under Armour Women’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe

Here is another great pair of shoes designed for running. Under Armour is a great brand that is focused on designing great shoes for jogging, training, and running. This pair is no exception.

These shoes are lightweight, which is ideal for a long-distance run. Also, they provide optimal energy, cushioning, and durability. You can count on great responsiveness thanks to compression moulded foam. The shoes are also breathable, and we already mentioned how important it is. These shoes are ideal for those who are looking for versatility, cushioning, and flexibility.

If you are all about style and image during your run, we have some great news. These shoes look great! The pair is just perfect for any type of running outfit you like to wear. What’s more, there are many color options to chose from, such as the classic combination of black and white, or the combination of coded and boho blue. There are some other color combinations as well.

So, if you are looking for comfort, air, stability and style, all in one, this pair might be just perfect for you.


  • This pair provides stability and flexibility.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • The shoes provide proper support.

3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike is probably one of the most popular brands in the world, which is of course among the best ones. So, it is no wonder why you see a pair of Nike’s shoes on this list. It would be quite impossible not to include at least one model of many great the brand came up with.

This great pair of shoes comes with high-resiliency that easily adapts to your feet and provides great support. What’s more, the shoes are super comfortable and fit perfectly. The pair features ST foam that gives you responsive and firm cushioning.

Design of the shoes is great as expected. The sneakers are available in many different color combinations, including some interesting options such as the combo of white, half blue, wolf grey and white, or the combination of platinum violet and black plum chalk sail. Sounds great, right?

Make sure to consider these shoes, as you will get a great pair with proper features for the exceptional running experience.


  • These shoes provide a responsive and smooth ride.
  • Design of the shoes is slimmer, which provides a conforming fit.
  • They come with ST foam that gives responsive cushioning.

4. Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe

Another great pair of best long-distance running shoes for ladies comes from Saucony. It is also a well-known brand for those who love to train, jog, run or go too long relaxing walks. These shoes are super comfortable and very supportive. The brand created this pair with grid technology that includes VersaFoam cushioning.

This model is the successor to the Cohesion 11 which was pretty popular and well-rated model among runners. So, you won’t go wrong with this model for sure. These shoes are also great for all kinds of workouts, not only running.

Also, if you stand a lot during the day, you will find these shoes to be a winner, as you will feel more relaxed. So, these are great not only for running but also for those who stand a lot or like to walk.

If you want stylish shoes, this model will bring you that as well. They look nice, so their design and colors won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure.

The shoes are available in a few different colors, and all of them look great. Some of the colors are the combination of great and teal, then silver, mint and citron, and also white, black and teal. There are also a few combinations that are considered to be classics. No matter if you are into simpler or a bit more colorful options, you will easily find the right match.


  • Great for jogging, standing, walking and running.
  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Available in many different colors.

5. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running Shoe

Another great pair of long-distance running shoes from women is from Brooks. It is also a great brand decided to comfortable and stable shoes for both, women and men.

These shoes are comfortable and have the DNA loft transition zone. The zone makes all the moves so smooth, soft, and comfy. Also, the shoes include 3D Fit Print technology and mesh upper that improves the fit.

The shoes are not only comfortable but are also breathable. You will notice that you have plenty of room for your toes, and proper stability when jogging or running. This is why this model is one of the most popular and best-rated ones on Amazon.

Same as the other models we have included in our list, this pair looks pretty as well. You can choose between several colors and different color combinations, so we are certain you will find the perfect ones for you and your style.


  • Soft and smooth move.
  • Comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Comes with 3D Fit Print technology and mesh upper that improves the fit.

6. Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

If you are looking for comfortable, and yet lightweight shoes that will give that smooth feeling when running, this is the perfect pair for you.

This pair comes with soft and balanced cushioning that provides the softness when running. The most important thing is that durability and responsiveness remain the same, and you will feel like you are running on the clouds.

Also, the shoes provide excellent stability thanks to the Segmented crash pad which is a system of shock absorbers. The shoes fit perfectly, and they also have a lot of room for the toes.

This model looks nice. If you are picky when it comes to colors, don’t worry, these shoes are available in different color options, so you will certainly find the one that is perfect for you.

With thousands of satisfied users, these shoes are very popular among runners and those who like to jog and walk. So, this pair might be the perfect choice for you as well.


  • These shoes are very lightweight and yet extremely comfortable.
  • They include Segmented crash pad.
  • The shoes have a soft and balanced cushioning.

7. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

We already recommend an Under Armour pair of long-distance running shoes for the ladies, and now, here is a pair of great running shoes for men.

The shoes are imported, come with rubber sole. These shoes are designed for all the runners who are seeking flexibility and cushioning.

In addition to that, the shoes are lightweight and completely breathable, so you will have the comfort and air during your running sessions. The shoes also have EVA sock liner and charged cushioning midsole.

When it comes to Under Armour, you can count not only on comfort, stability and a lot of air, but you can also count on style and latest trends. These shoes bring style to your running. You can pick between several color options, including a black, combination of black and white, or harbour blue or white, and many others. Anyway, picking the pair won’t be complicated at all, because the choice is excellent.


  • The shoes are imported and come with rubber sole.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • The shoes are stylish and there are several colors to choose from.

8. New Balance Men’s 520v5 Cushioning Running shoe

There are many fans of New Balance out there, and if you are one of them, here is a pair of shoes we are completely sure you’re going to love.

It is not only because they are from New Balance, but it is also because these shoes are great as all the others we have listed here. The shoes are imported and have a rubber sole. They have a data-inspired upper design.

The shoes provide comfort, flexibility and stability during long hours of running. Also, the shoes are very durable and are true to the size, which means that you can feel free to order them online in case you are worried about the size match.

These shoes might not be available in as many color options as all the other shoes we have listed, but still, there are enough colors to choose from. You can go for a classic and timeless combination of black and white, or you can pick something a bit bold, such as a combination of black and sulfur. There are some other combos as well, and we are pretty sure that you will find at least one of them great for you.


  • Data inspired upper design.
  • Comfortable, stable, and durable.
  • Shoes are true to the size.

9. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe

As we mentioned already, Under Armour is one of the greatest brands when it comes to running shoes, so it is not surprising that we have listed two models that are a great option for men.

These shoes are imported and are just perfect for all the men out there who are looking for an ideal balance of cushioning and flexibility.

The shoes are breathable, and they have a proper space for your toes, so you won’t feel the stress on your feet, during or after the run.

Also, the shoes are lightweight, and you can jog, walk or run feeling the relaxation and full breathability.

Same as all the other Under Armour shoes, these look fantastic. You can choose between a few color options. These are not available in too many different colors, but still, there are all the classic options you might be willing to spend your money on. You can go for the black ones, navy, or white ones, just to name a few.

If you pick these shoes, you will join the army of satisfied customers, and you’ll finally understand why so many people choose Under Armour.


  • The shoes provide a great fit.
  • They are completely breathable.
  • This model is comfortable and provides stability.

10. New Balance Men’s Lazr V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Here, we have another great pair of long-distance running shoes for men. The shoes might look a bit different than the models we have shared already, but perhaps you are into this exact design.

The shoes are comfortable, and they come with an Achilles heel pocket. This is very important for those who want to be sure the run will be completely safe. The heel pocket locks the heel and provides ultimate stability and security during your run sessions.

We also need to mention that these shoes come with melon rubber outsole. It proves lightweight traction. Also, the shoes include fresh foam which is super light and very soft. So, you can be sure you’ll get an extremely comfortable pair of shoes.

We already pointed out that these shoes have outstanding design, and as another plus, you can choose between the classic colors, such as black, white, or some more bold ones such as vintage indigo or even energy red.


  • They are highly comfortable shoes.
  • The shoes have an Achilles heel pocket that keeps the heels in place which secures super stable and secure run.
  • The shoes have an exceptional design.

Best Long Distance Running Shoes


Correct shoes are important for injury-free running. You need to choose the best long distance running shoes after checking the flexibility and arch support. One should always buy special shoes that are made for long-running and always go for lightweight shoes, as they made you forgot that you are wearing shoes. You want to feel good for all those miles you’re going to be running. Miles and miles and miles and these shoes are going to last you a while with a good grip.

Should my long-distance running be breathable?

Yes. That is a must. You need to provide your feet with enough air during your run.

Are stability features important?

Yes. It would be great to pick the pair that provides enough stability during the sessions.

Are running shoes for long-running breathable?

Yes, these shoes are made of mesh so that it can keep your foot cool as well as ventilated so that you can run for a long mile.

Why is it important to buy different shoes for long-distance running?

It is important to choose different shoes that are best for long-running to have injury-free running.

How to check arch support in shoes?

To check arch support, you need to check if there is arch support from inside never from outside as they are designed to show arch support but sometimes the arch support is not present inside the shoe.

Do a great long-distance running shoes have to be expensive?

No. They do not have to be. There are many pairs you can get at an affordable price.

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