9 Best Insoles for Hiking 2022

Are you tired of inadequate insoles that bring nothing but pain and blisters? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. This article contains information about the best insoles for hiking.

It has been estimated that due to lack of information and elaboration, many hikers choose incompetent insoles for their hiking route, and often the results are terrible and painful. Blisters, burns, and many more unwanted consequences are part of the life one lives after wearing bad insoles for too long or not wearing them at all.

Surprisingly, the lack of information is not the only thing that is responsible for this painful experience. Insoles exist in different sizes and variants as well. To be more precise, there are about three rudimentary kinds of insoles but multiple variations within. So, if you choose the right ones, not only they make you feel more comfortable while wearing them, but they also assist you in fix pain, flat feet occurrence, and other pains in the lower body parts. It takes a while to find the best insole, but it is possible.

How Can You Choose the Best Insole for Hiking?

Choosing the best insole for hiking due to different feet is one of the three main things you should consider before purchasing. Besides that, affordable prices and the detection of the problem are the other two things that you must think about.

For instance, before doing anything, take a professional opinion. You can consider a chat with your physician for a detailed explanation about the source of the problem you have been having if you have been having one, of course. It is essential to pick insoles that will give you the long-wanted comfort, or in other cases, the long-wanted support and stability. That can happen only if you are aware of the problem to give proper assistance.

There are two main groups when it comes to hiking insoles:

  • Comfort
  • Sport

Insoles that bring comfort contain gel or foam that give the user additional comfort when it comes to energetic circumstances. To be more precise, this type allows extra softening to feet that are usually shaped.

The second type, constructed from a rigid material, sports insoles, brings more stability and support. This type will allow your feet to mold and to handle tough ground over many periods.

Not surprisingly, we are back to square one – decide what you are looking for according to your needs or the problem you are facing. It is essential to know if you are looking to fix feet structure or maybe gait problems or look for them due to cushioning and impact captivation.

If you want comfort then, aim for the ones with minor profile structure. For example, this type of insoles brings single, double, and full strike, or to be more precise, and it gives you a hint where most of the shock absorption is present. As a result, these have foot strike defense on their heels, heels, and forefoot or whole foot.

On the other hand, sports insoles contain foundations that fix or house structural and gait problems.

There are different profiles and volumes when it comes to hiking insoles. For example, the extreme thickness is gained when you choose insole with a higher profile. However, if you go for insoles with a lower profile, then you will get insoles that are flatter along its length. Ultimately, you are going to choose the one that fits your arches, and that gives the support you need. Furthermore, the volume tells about the thickness in general and how much space will be taken in the footwear. The upcoming tables elaborate more on volumes and profiles, take a look:


Low Medium High
Minimum support required

Best option if low arches are present

Give good support

Appropriate for most foot types


Feet that want additional arch and heel support

Feet that overpronate


Low Medium High
Smaller shoes Boots and shoes that are medium

Can serve as coat on already present insoles

Perfect for hiking boots that are spacious

The best hiking insole should also stabilize the heel while at the same time allocate the weight across the base of your feet. To be more precise, this stimulates and engages your arch muscles.

The design is equally vital because you must purchase the ones with have a design that best fits your feet. There are multiple types which help choose the correct profile according to your need:


Low Arches Medium Arches High Arches
Minimum support

Great for overall use

Medium support

Suitable for many hiking boots

Maximum support

Suitable for hiking boots with insole detached

Last but not least, to mention, before purchasing, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of air insoles, gel insoles, and air insoles. These are the principal occupations of the insert that gives cushioning. After all, that is how the shock absorption is gained.

Air – contain air bubbles in the foam Foam – produced from memory foam Gel – liquid gel is present in the bubbles
As long as air bubbles are present there is nothing to worry about

Extremely comfortable





Excellent shock absorption


Low breathability

Not durable



Fight to compression


Hard to carry

Semi- breathable

Keep in mind that you need to purchase insoles according to the upper end of your original size. Remember that if the ones you buy are smaller, you cannot grow them bigger, but if they are larger, you can always use scissors to cut.


Top 9 Best Insoles for Hiking

As it was previously stated, there are tons of different options, and every particular choice serves a precise case. This article reviews the best ones so far.

GAOAG Shock-absorptation Breathable Insole Orthotics Gel Sports4.9
Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support4.8
Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support4.5
Walk-hero Comfort And Support Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles4.8
Powerstep Mens-Adult Pinnacle Insole, Blue4.6
Timberland PRO Men’s Anti- Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole4.8
Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles4.7
Nazaroo Shoe Insoles Shoe Insoles Arch Support4.8
Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance4.9

1. GAOAG Shock-absorptation Breathable Insole Orthotics Gel Sports

The three main characteristics of these insoles are responsible for making these insoles perfect in the first place. These gel owner insoles are soft, cushy, and incredibly supportive. The stability is inevitable and accompanied by support, relief, and shock absorption. The comfort is guaranteed as well, and they are incredibly breathable.

One hiking session can be checked as successful if stress and pain are relieved from the heel, and the gel cushioning these have gives effective shock absorption and stress removal.

Waking up with burnings or with feelings like walking on the glass will also be put into rest after wearing these insoles for a short matter of time. You are going to feel like walking on a bed of air after purchasing while you are be giving your feet the piece of heaven they deserve.


  • Supportive
  • Cushy
  • Comfortable
  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Reduces pain immediately after implementation
  • Wide and deep cup
  • Breathable
  • Soft


  • There are tons of fake products, be extremely careful while purchasing

2. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

The arch support these insoles offer is incomparable. They perfectly balance the force construction of the foot while at the same time give suitable and soothing vibrations to the feet when it comes to flat feet, runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis situations.

Believe it or not, not only they fix heel and arch pain, but they also correct the way you walk – the asymmetrical walking, of course.

When it comes to the material, the insoles are made from EVA foam and PU. Your feet will be grateful if you purchase these because walking will never be the same after their input due to the support they offer. Also, they can increase your physical activity.

People that stand for over 8 hours a day need these insoles as much as people that hike, rock climb, run, and more. Among everything else, these super thin low-profile insoles contain anti-microbial assets and are tremendously durable.


  • Their design is thin low profiled
  • Extreme support
  • Stability
  • Anti-microbial
  • No moving after implementing


  • Extremely wide to some people

3. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support

Their design is out of this earth and quite rigid. Moreover, they have a stabilizer cap and both high profile and volume shape. Suitable for flat feet and probably the best fit for hikers and walkers.

The Superfeet Green Insoles offer stability and support mixed with an enormous amount of comfort. To be more precise, the comfort comes from their stability even though they are not cushy. They have a wide and deep heel cup, high-density foam moderating layer that takes the shock from hard effect activities.

It is quite important to mention that these insoles give the pressure your body forces on your feet evenly. That is also happening due to stability and support.

When it comes to their durability, it is safe to say that they can be used for over 12 months.

They are adaptable and have multiple purposes. For example, not only are they suitable for hikes and walks but are also useful for people that stand at work for more than 12 hours, for people that run or jog.


  • Additional comfort
  • Excellent for people with medical problems
  • Durable even after 12 months
  • Effective for people that work more than 12 hours


  • Additional attention while purchasing due to variation in fit and fake products on the market

4. Walk-hero Comfort And Support Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

The old saying that everything good comes with the price is disproved with these Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. Why? Well, they are not expensive at all but offer high-level support, comfort, and also alleviate different types of pain.

Their shell is EVA, and they also have arch support implemented in their design. They are incredibly beneficial when it comes to solid surfaces, and they do not flat out. Their cup is deep, so your heel is protected from different impacts while your feet are perfectly stabilized. Thanks to this solution, move freely and easily.

Many people have different issues while hiking – from flat feet to supination. Undoubtedly, they are suitable for every single issue that can occur during or before hiking. Also, their high-volume profile makes them likable for hiking boots as well.


  • Affordable for everyone
  • Amazing support
  • Stability and protection of the heel
  • Relief
  • Made for hiking boots
  • Breathable


  • They may stop working sooner than you think
  • Feelings like you walk on flat tire if you purchase them without paying attention

5. Powerstep Mens-Adult Pinnacle Insole, Blue

These blues contain dual-layer cushioning and are also very flexible due to their shell. Extreme comfort is achieved while wearing them, and at the same time, they give an increased amount of support. Every problem that you have had with your hiking feet prior will disappear—also, they relieve plantar fasciitis pain thanks to the increased amount of support they offer.

The most important thing about this type of insoles will probably be the control it allows when it comes to your movements. Hence, the pain you already feel regardless of which part will be lessened.

Its high density is continued thanks to the upper layer of cushioning that is created of plush foam.

It is safe to say that these blue insoles are one of the best insoles for hiking because, besides everything stated above, they also contain anti-microbial assets that contribute to the state of your feet. They do not let lousy odor to happen, and they preserve the dryness and coolness.


  • Perfectly fit
  • Extreme arch support
  • Movement control
  • Material that has anti-microbial properties
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Pain relievers


  • Broken in short matter of time
  • Often Unavailable
  • Not entirely fit for women

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti- Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

If you compared these insoles with everything that you have owned before, that at the same time is low in the quality, you would see the difference in not only quality but thickness as well. It is also important to mention that you should not be confused when they arrive a little bigger. Take your time and cut them according to your needs – this is normal.

These Timberland Anti- Fatigue Insoles are made with a noticeable update on performance and comfort. They contain cone foam, absorb shock, and give your feet the required energy due to its geometrical technology. The liner and foam these insoles have are breathable and moisture-wicking. Hence, they control the odor.

Besides hiking, these are ideal for work.


  • Perfect shock absorption
  • Energy reappearance
  • Comfort
  • Light


  • Not entirely fit for women
  • Massive heal

7. Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles

These insoles deliver customized cushioning due to their high-density memory foam. It doesn’t matter what type of feet you have because they are equally suitable for each kind and promote neutrality.

Their supportiveness is highly present, and they offer comfort and soft cushy feeling as well. The orthopedic feature is part of them as well. Furthermore, you will feel neither discomfort nor pain during your whole hike. They fit right for both high and medium hiking shoes or boots.

It is important to note that you need to review the sizing directions before purchasing carefully.


  • Thick
  • Comfort
  • Custom cushioning
  • Orthopedic support


  • Sometimes the foam is not enough
  • Sometimes there is an extra arch

8. Nazaroo Shoe Insoles Shoe Insoles Arch Support

Before elaborating, it is essential to say that these come a little larger than usual. But this doesn’t stop them from being in the top 9 list, and here is why.

Nazaroo shoe insoles make your feet perfectly aligned and stabilized while at the same time they support the feet. Every pain you feel is decreased and, in time, significantly disappears.

Their material has anti-odor properties, and they also take away moisture. Nevertheless, they offer excellent support, and they correctly handle the pressure.


  • Good for flat feet
  • Durable
  • Alleviate common pain
  • Minimize pressure
  • Good shock absorption


  • Sometimes they leak color

9. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance

Sof sole besides offering high volume designed insoles provides comfort while walking long distances or solid tops regardless of the shape of your feet.

If you decide to purchase these insoles, you won’t be feeling a single pain nevertheless of the issue you have been having for a while – from fatigue to soreness and blisters.

The extreme comfort comes from their mixture of foam and gel cushioning. Plus, their pads offer additional cushioning and shock absorption.


  • Chance for customization
  • Good support
  • Fits well in every footwear
  • Decreases pain
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Best Insoles for Hiking


What is the reason behind the need for Hiking Insoles?

Besides improving the feeling you experience while wearing them for long hours, they will also save your feet from soreness, pain, and other problems that come out of hiking.

How do I know the right time to change them?

The answer here is quite simple. If your feet start to sore, begin to be tired, or are painful during long movements then, you should consider new insoles.

How can I determine the right insoles for me?

As it was previously stated, you have to be aware of the condition your feet are in. Take your time before making a final decision and discover, click and read about the types on the market. Most importantly, decide if you need support, comfort, or extreme cushioning.


Keep in mind that the best insoles take care of three things at the same time. The best insoles for hiking give your feet support, contain a layer of cushioning made for reducing impacts, and can survive the pressure that comes with hiking on long distances.

To be more precise, they are responsible for the feel and performance of hiking shoes. You must be patient and take your time when it comes to choosing the right one. Each from the written above will, without a doubt, will give you the support, comfort, and stability you require. You have to decide which one fits you perfectly.