7 Best Insoles for High Arches 2022

If you are looking for the best insoles for high arches, you have just landed to the right page. Here, we are going to talk about insoles designed for this specific issue, and we are going to help you get the perfect ones for you.

High arches do bother a lot of people all around the world and cause pain and discomfort, and one of the best ways to turn this around and make your walks and jogs comfortable and enjoyable again is by getting proper insoles designed for this specific purpose.

In this article, we are going to share the benefits of having insoles for high arches, but not just that. We are going to share some tips to help you pick the best insoles you can choose, and we will point out the things you should consider when buying them. Also, we are going to list a few insoles available on the market today that are in the group of best ones for high arches, so you don’t have to bother and look on your own.

Our goal is to make your search a lot easier and simpler with all the needed information. You will have a starting point on insoles designed for this purpose. By the end of this article, you will only have to pick the insoles you like the most, and that’s it.

The choice of insoles is huge, but not all insoles offer the same quality and support to your feet. That is why it is so important to pick them wisely. Do not go with the logic they are all the same, it doesn’t matter which one I’ll buy. If you want the best for your feet, go through this article, gather all the info and then make a decision. It will lead you to great insoles and you will enjoy walking, jogging and running again.

Benefits of having insoles for high arches

Here, we are going to list a few benefits of getting insoles for high arches.

1. Get comfortable again

When having high arches, you feel pain when walking, jogging, running, or even when standing. As a result, you will feel discomfort and every activity you used to love will be anything but enjoyable. Once you get the proper insoles for high arches, you will put things in motion again, and you will feel that much-needed comfort.

2. Say goodbye to the feet pain

As mentioned already, high arches cause feet pain. It is mainly because your weight is not evenly distributed across your feet. That puts your feet under pressure and causes pain. You may feel it not only in your feet but your ankles and knees as well. The proper insoles will change the game for you. Thanks to the insoles, the weight will be evenly distributed, and you won’t feel that much pressure in your feet any longer. As a result, you won’t feel pain. Instead, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. It is time for you to enjoy your favorite activities again!

3. Enjoyment

This is one of the greatest benefits. With pain and discomfort, there is no room left not even for a piece of enjoyment. You can’t go for a walk without feeling pain in your feet, or feeling that your feet are tired and sore. Insoles will change that. They will give your feet support and you will feel completely different. If you miss going to long walks or jog or running sessions, get the insoles and do that. Perhaps you will feel strange at the beginning, but after a while, you will feel that easiness again.

Several things to consider when buying insoles for high arches

Here are some things you should take into consideration when buying insoles for high arches.

1. Pay attention to the length of the insole

When it comes to insoles, there are different lengths you can choose from. The best possible option you should consider going for is getting the full insole. That is if your shoes, boots, or other footwear do have a removable insole. If that’s not the case, the length of three-quarters would be best.

2. Cushioning

Some additional cushioning is a great idea. However, you must keep in mind that additional cushioning will take more room in your footwear. So, you will have to pick properly, having this in mind.

3. Shock Absorption

Your shoes should have shock absorption feature. You will feel less pain as there will be less pressure on your arch when you use shoes with high arches. Jarring motion that can impact your feet can be prevented by shock pads present on the underside of an insole.

4. Flexibility

Many times feet which have a high arch support insole can be prone to rigidity if they feature a solid base and arch support. When you want to use the insole on a regularly basis, you need to check and make sure ensure the insole offers some flexibility elsewhere.

Performance or fit range is offered in running shoes by many insoles manufactures and leading sports shoe and insole manufacturers. Their base is less rigid and more flexible and they still offer the high arch support to allow your foot to have flexibility.

Best insoles for high arches

Top 7 Best Insoles for High Arches

Sof Sole Insoles Women's High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert4.8
New Balance Insoles 3810 Ultra Support Insole Shoe4.7
Sof Sole Women's Low Arch Unisex FIT Support Insoles4.7
Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support4.7
Stride Semi-Custom Insoles for Men and Women – Relieve and Prevent The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis4.6
Superfeet ORANGE Insoles, High Arch Support and Forefoot Cushion, Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Anti-fatigue, Unisex4.6
Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Maxx Insole4.9

1. Sof Sole Insoles Women’s High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

Here are some quality insoles that come with an enhanced arch height that provided the stability and support to high arches. The extra cushioning these insoles have been provided by targeted gel drop in the heel. The heels remain stable thanks too deep heel cup.

These insoles are an ideal option for casual shoes and athletic shoes, which makes them perfect for everyone with high arches who want insoles that will help them enjoy walking, running, jogging, and even cross-training. Insoles are great for casual use as well.

These insoles come with Hydrologix topical moisture management that will maintain your feet as dry and as cool as possible. You can choose the size of insoles suitable for you.


  • These insoles provide proper support to high arches.
  • The heel slip that these insoles have kept the heels stable.
  • Insoles come with extra cushioning and are ideal for casual and athletic shoes.
  • Also, these insoles are a great option for various activities, such as walking, jogging, running, cross-training, and also casual use.

2. New Balance Insoles 3810 Ultra Support Insole Shoe

New Balance is known for its great shoes designed for all kinds of activities. Their shoes provide ultimate comfort and support for the user, but those with high arches may need some extra support. That’s why New Balance offers insoles as well, and these are great. Let’s say a few words about them.

These insoles are made of 64 % Polyurethane, 15 % Fabric, 16 % TPU / Nylon, and 5 % Aqua Poron. These insoles come with Abzorb cushioning that protects forefoot and heel from shock.

They have Deep heel cup which boosts your foot’s natural cushioning ability. They kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria as they provide pure antimicrobial treatment and the low friction fabric prevents blisters and keeps your foot cool and breathable.

The insoles come with anti-blister top cover. Also, there is an extra deep heel cup that delivers extra comfort and support to the feet. There are special features that bring the cold air in and move the warmth out. Also, users who rated these insoles on Amazon reviewed the insoles and said these fit as expected, which is important info to know especially if you are planning to make the purchase online.


  • Insoles come with Abzorb cushioning that keeps the forefoot and heel protected from shock.
  • Also, these insoles include an anti-blister top cover.
  • These insoles have extra deep heel cups that provide extra comfort and support.
  • Special features keep the warmth out and also bring the cold air in.

3. Sof Sole Women’s Low Arch Unisex FIT Support Insoles

Here is another option for those who are looking for the best insoles for high arches. Sof Sole come up with several options, and users get to pick if they want insoles for aa low arch, neutral arch, and high arch. These insoles are made from 100 % Nylon. They come with high-arch support for both, women and men and provide the ultimate comfort along with proper cushioning.

These insoles are full-length and are removable. They have a 3.3 cm height to provide the needed support to high arches. What’s more, these insoles have reinforced nylon plate that gives support to the heel and arch. This is important because it promotes anatomical alignment. The insoles have a deep heel cup that provides stabilization to the feet.

Also, these insoles have high-rebound foam density that is designed specially designed for high arches. It indorses natural stride. The insoles provide support on an everyday basis, and you can use them for various activities, such as walking, hiking, running, jogging, cross-training, etc. Also, users reported the insoles fit as expected, so you may consider purchasing them online.


  • Insoles promote anatomical alignment.
  • These insoles have a 3.3 cm arch height that provides proper support to high arches.
  • Insoles are great for various activities and provide support daily during walking, running, cross-training, and more.

4. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support

Another great pair of insoles you may consider purchasing if you have a high arch. These insoles are also in the “Amazon’s Choice” group, so if you are often shopping on Amazon, you may get them there.

These insoles come with high-density foam. These are 1” high and 6” wide. When it comes to their fit profile these insoles have a high profile and high volume. To understand this properly, a high profile is the amount of space you can feel under your feet. On the other hand, high volume is the room the insole takes up when placed in your footwear.

These insoles come with stabilizer cap that is a sort of its base that provides support to the rearfoot. In addition, it also delivers stability and structure to the foam layer. The insoles are designed to reduce the stress you might feel in your feet, but not just your feet but your knees and ankles as well. Also, there is foam support and the cushions that provide comfort to your feet. The insoles have a durable construction.

In addition to all the things we have listed considering these insoles, they fit as expected.


  • These are the insoles that have high volume and high profile.
  • Insoles provide comfort and stability.
  • Also, they fit as expected and are in the “Amazon’s choice” group of products.

5. Stride Semi-Custom Insoles for Men and Women – Relieve and Prevent The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Here is another pair of insoles you can take into consideration if you feel pain due to high arches. These insoles are available for both, women and men, and there are several sizes for you to choose from, according to the size of your feet. These shoes are ultralight and very comfortable to wear for long hours.

These insoles offer firm support which provides ultimate comfort, but most importantly, it cures the pain really fast. That firm support is the most important thing when it comes to insoles because it is necessary in order to ease the pain and to improve the alignment. That is why these insoles are among the best ones. You will feel more energy in your feet and the much-needed comfort all day long.

Thanks to the effective arch support, the pronation is limited, and that will result in decreasing the strain on plantar fasciitis. These insoles can provide you with long-lasting relief you have been looking for.

Many of those who already purchased these insoles reported they felt the pain relief within a few days, and they enjoy the comfort the insoles delivered. Also, users reported the insoles fit as expected, so if you are planning to buy them online, you can go for these.


  • These insoles provide comfort during the day and will help you get rid of the pain within a few days.
  • You will feel more energy as well.
  • Insoles of these shoes come with firm support.
  • The insoles are available for women and men and there are several sizes for you to choose from.
  • Insoles fit as expected which makes them a good choice if you are planning to buy them online.

6. Superfeet ORANGE Insoles, High Arch Support and Forefoot Cushion, Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Anti-fatigue, Unisex

Another pair of insoles you should consider buying if you have high arches. These insoles come with AEROSPINRG dual comfort foam. These are 2” high and 4” wide. Their fit profile Is high profile and high volume. To explain it, high profile refers to the shape you can expect under your feet. When it comes to high volume, it refers to the amount of room the insole with take-up in your boots, shoes or any other kind of footwear.

These insoles come with a deep heel cup. It helps to support the foot for all long-distance activities. Also, the insoles have super feet shape that provides the feet with proper support and stability. All that together will reduce the pain and stress of the feet, and also knees and ankles. They provide stability as they are non-slipping. You can wear these in any weather conditions and on slippery surfaces.

They are built for travel and long days on your feet. They are lightweight and breathable and provide enough room for your foot. In addition to all the great features, there is also high-impact foam that delivers shock absorption during various activities, such as walking, jogging, running, and more.


  • The insoles offer proper support and stability to the feet.
  • They help in reducing feet pain and stress.
  • Insoles come with high-impact foam that delivers shock absorption for different activities such as walking, jogging, running, just to name a few.
  • The insoles fit as expected, which makes them a great choice for those who are planning to make the purchase online.

7. Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Maxx Insole 

Unisex Pinnacle Maxx Insole aims to solve the issues of overpronation and high arch support. These have an angled exterior heel which helps to balance the gait of people suffering from severe pronation. It is designed with a square heel which prevents your feet from rolling to either side in your shoe.

It is made with the softer and bouncy top layer of anti-bacterial top fabric for soft cushioning and the bottom layer is made of a low-density EVA foam for internal strength. They are a slid moulded base for heel and arch support. They are designed to hold the foot in place and prevent any kind of rolling of the foot with their square designed heel.

Many people suffer from overpronation and high arches, if you are one of them and suffer from both problems, you will be happy that you find this pair of orthotic insoles as standing or walking all day can be painful with if you have these conditions. The exterior design also helps people with other foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs and helps in removing foot pain.


  • It is designed for overpronators who need high arch support.
  • These are great and ideal for standing all day as they give relief to the ankles and hips.
  • They are not bouncy but firm, with base absorbing the impact of each step.

How to keep your insoles last longer

Here are several things that will help you keep your insoles last longer.

When it comes to pricing, we might say that insoles can cost a bit more, but if you have in mind all the benefits they will deliver to you, we all must agree that it definitely is a smart investment. You will spend a few bucks, but you will no longer feel any pain, you will have support for your feet, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable again. Not to mention all the enjoyment when walking, jogging, running, jumping, etc.

There are some things you should do regularly to make your insoles last.

  • Make sure to remove your insoles from your footwear regularly. This is especially important because of the fact the insoles may get wet or at least sweaty. It is because your feet sweat the same as your body does. By removing them from your footwear, you will dry them out. Thus, the wet and sweat won’t destroy them and they will last longer.
  • Another thing for you to do is to wash them if you notice they are getting dirty. Proper hygiene is very important, so make sure to wash them every time you notice they have dirt on. Do that by hand.
  • When removing the insoles from your shoes or boots, or any other footwear you might be wearing, make sure they are not damaged. If the insoles are damaged, they won’t provide you with the benefits they are designed to provide.

Just by doing these really simple things regularly, your insoles will last much longer. So, spending a few dollars more is definitely a smart thing to do. The insoles can last a year when you properly take care of them. As we mentioned – just keep in mind all the fantastic benefits they will deliver to you.


If I have a high arch, are insoles a must?

It would be advisable to get a pair of insoles designed for a high arch. When you have a high arch, you will feel pain in your feet, and you won’t enjoy any kind of activity, such as walking, jogging, hiking or running. The properly picked insoles for high arches will reduce the pain and also the stress in your feet. So, if they certainly are an excellent investment that will make your life much better.

Do I have to spend a lot of money in order to get a really good pair of insoles for high arches?

Insoles designed for high arches usually cost somewhere between 20-60 dollars. While it may sound like a lot of money, keep in mind that top-quality insoles can last for a whole year If you take care of them. Also, they will provide stability and comfort to your feet along with many other benefits, so we can all agree it is definitely money well spent.

How can I keep the insoles last longer?

You can keep the insoles last longer by taking the proper care. You should remove them from your footwear regularly, clean them from dirt and dust, and also wash them by hand. Let them vent a little, so that can dry properly in case they are wet or sweaty. This way, they will last much longer.

Best insoles for high arches

Wrapping it up

As you can see, we can share various information about the best insoles for high arches. So, if you have high arches and if you have been looking for proper insoles with the specific purpose, now you have all the information in hand and you can now pick the pair and buy the ones that will fit you the most.

We have shared all the benefits of insoles for high arches, so if you had second thoughts about it and whether you should buy them or not, now you know that you should get a pair. The price of the insoles is small if you compare it to all the great things you will get from them. There is comfort, stability, pain relief, stress relief, and a lot of enjoyment.

In addition, you can take care of the insoles and make them last a lot longer. They typically can last for a year, and just by doing some simple things like washing them by hand when they get dirty or removing them every once in a while, to vent them and dry them out, they will last for a really long period of time.

The insoles come with a set of features that provide ultimate comfort and stability. So, if you have been feeling some pain and stress in your feet, these will become the things of the past as soon as you get the insoles and start wearing them regularly.

There are many insoles for high arches available at the market, and we have selected some of the best ones out there. You may go through the list and buy the ones you like the most, and the pair you think will fit you and your feet the most. One thing is certain, as long as you start wearing them, you will feel the difference, and you will notice less stress, soreness, and pain. You will be able to go back to your favorite activities, such as long walks, jogging, running, or various training sessions. Get the insoles for a high arch and improve the quality of your life, as one thing is certain – you will enjoy a lot!