10 Best House Shoes for Women 2022 Reviews

Why should we give any thought to what house shoes we buy? When we go into a shop to buy shoes we usually think very seriously about what shoes we are going to buy knowing that they have to be comfortable shoes otherwise it will be difficult to wear them all day. But no matter what we wear during the day when we come home most of us have one thing in mind and that is to put on a nice pair of house shoes. In this article I will try to present to you some of the best house shoes for women.

The house shoes or slippers are the nice pair of shoes we wear when we are at home, they are usually very light and comfortable, made of soft materials that allow our feet to relax and breathe after a long day of walking. Taking into consideration how many of us wear slippers everyday it is surprising to see that usually, they are a much-ignored category of footwear. If we buy the right slippers we can have them for a very long time and we can make sure that when we come home we will be able to relax and let our feet have that nice feeling of softness and comfort; this is why we should make sure that we buy the slippers that fit our needs best.

Best House Shoes for Women

What should we look for in a good pair of slippers?

Just like normal footwear, there are a few things we should keep in mind when it comes to slippers, we want to make sure that they are comfortable, made of good material, have a good price and fit our style.

Look for comfort

The health of our feet depends also a lot on the slippers we use, we want to make sure we choose something that lets our tired feet to relax and breath, that is why we should make sure that they are very light, something that does not feel heavy on the feet. Another plus for a pair of light slippers is that they are very easy to take in a small carryon bag for any tip you might have because let’s be honest we all want to have our slippers with us when we travel.

Another thing we should think about is the mornings when most of us are in a rush and we want something easy to put one, a pair of slippers we can just slip on quickly. Nobody wants slippers that take you five minutes to put on, think about all the other things you can do in the meant time in the morning.

Search for good material

A shoe made of good material usually means that it is long-lasting and you will not have to buy another one every three months. I consider that it is better to invest in shoes which are made of strong materials because like this you will avoid having to repurchase, the goal should be a pair to last you for years. Good materials mean not only long-lasting but a better choice for your skin. Our skin is a living organ that needs to breathe so if we wear slippers that stop this natural process from happening we can develop all kinds of problems. We should be on the hunt for shoes made out of more natural materials such as cotton, leather, suede or sheepskin that will allow our skin to follow its natural course.

Check the price tag

This brings us to another important, sometimes the most important aspect of buying anything, and that is the price. Most of the slippers made out of chemical materials are cheaper than the ones made out of more natural materials and most people tend to go for them.

What they don’t take into consideration is exactly what I mentioned before; conventional materials tend to break much quicker so you will find yourself trapped in this vicious circle of buying very cheap slippers that break after just a few uses and having to repurchase. If you were to add a few extra dollars in the first place you would not have to buy so often. Does that mean that good quality slippers have to be expensive? Absolutely no!  You can find a wide range of slippers created from the materials you are looking for but for a price that does not require you to spend a small fortune.

Find your style

We have so many options now when it comes to clothes and shoes; stores are full of pieces that can offer us something regardless of our style. It does not have to be different when it comes to our slippers. There are so many different shapes, colors and styles that we can be sure to find something which fits our taste. This is why on my list you will find a variety of different styles of house footwear.

Having all these aspects in mind I will try to make a list of some of the best options to check all the right boxes when it comes to home footwear.  This list will only include mostly slippers for women, but some of them can be gender-neutral.

Top 10 Best House Shoes for Women

WATMAID Women's House Shoes Non-Slip for Indoor/Outdoor4.6
Women's Comfort Woolen Yarn Woven Bootie Slippers Slip-on House Shoes4.6
ULTRAIDEAS Women's Cozy Memory Foam Knit Slippers4.7
ULTRAIDEAS Women's Velvet Ballerina Slipper4.9
ULTRAIDEAS Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers with Fur Collar4.7
Lxso Women's Fuzzy Slippers Memory Foam4.5
Floopi Moccasin Slippers for Women4.6
KAMOTAL Thong Flip Flop Slippers for Women4.5
ZORA House Slippers Home Shoes Open Toe Flax Slippers4.6
Frjjthchy Cartoon Dog Mop Slippers4.6

The world of shopping can become a very confusing game, with all the endless possibilities of shopping in a physical store or shopping online it becomes harder and harder to know how to find the right item for us. This is why I will try to help you with this research and will present to you some of the best products on the market when it comes to slippers. We all need a friend’s advice when it comes to shopping, no?

1. WATMAID Women’s House Shoes Non-Slip for Indoor/Outdoor

These slippers are made of very breathable cotton on the outside and warm faux fur on the inside. The fluffy faux furs inside can only mean one thing: your feet will get the lovely experience of comfort from the soft fur. This will ensure a nice feeling every time you put it on. The sole and vamp are created with a side-steam technic to give the slippers the durable element which is so important. They also have a non-slip addition to ensure that you can walk on any surface with confidence. They also come in five different colors so you can be sure to find something to fit your taste perfectly.


  • The outside is made of cotton
  • The inside is made of faux fur
  • Non-slip sole
  • Faux fur lining on the inside
  • Easy to put on


  • Some people said they can run a bit small

2. Women’s Comfort Woolen Yarn Woven Bootie Slippers Slip-on House Shoes

If you live in a climate that gets very cold especially in the winter you might be searching for a pair of house footwear that resembles more that pair of safe boots you wear all winter. For this I recommend this lovely pear on woolen booties that have some truly amazing features.

They are made of micro fabric and a soft woolen yarn offers you warmth on a cold winter day, adding softness as well but without making your feet sweat. The added cushioning acts like a memory foam that will retain the shape assuring you the maximum comfort. And because of its durable and anti-skid surface you can use them both inside and outside without worrying about the surface on which you step. These also come with three color options one of which is a beautiful, vibrant purple.


  • Very good against the cold
  • Made of woolen yarn
  • Micro fabric
  • Beautiful color selection
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Memory foam


  • Can feel a bit tight in the beginning
  • Hard to fit in a luggage for traveling
  • Not so easy to put on

3. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Knit Slippers

Another beautiful memory foam pair is these nicely knitted ones which contain also that cozy woolen yarn knitted permitting you to slide into a texture that offers softness and comfort without overcharging the foot with moisture. These are very breathable and very easy to slide into. One thing to remember though is that the woolen material can feel a bit tight at first but after a few days they should fit like they were made especially for you. A practical feature is that they are very easy to maintain since you can just throw them into the washing machine. They should be retaining their shape and fresh look. Its anti-slip bottom lining will keep you safe no matter the surface you walk on. They come in four beautiful colors but my personal favorite would have to be the light blue that just reminds me of the clear blue sky.


  • Good against the cold
  • Cozy woolen yarn knit
  • Does not make your feet sweat
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-skid rubber sole
  • Can be washed in the washing machine


  • A bit more expensive
  • Some people say they stretch after a while

4. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Velvet Ballerina Slipper

If you are someone that prefers a more stylish look, these pair of ballerina slippers with a beautiful bow in the front will for sure become your best friend. Sometimes we just want to feel put together even when we are just walking around the house, no? I get it! This is the way these slippers offer you that chic look without compromising on quality.

They are made out of a velvet material that offers your feet a relaxed feeling and the coral fleece lining is very skin-friendly also keeping the moist away. They are very easy to snake in your luggage when you travel and the light materials will allow you to go for that midnight snack to the kitchen without any member of your family waking up!


  • Stylish look with beautiful bow
  • Velvet material with coral fleece lining
  • Easy to pack in a luggage
  • Skin-friendly


  • The sole is not so protective against the cold of the surface

5. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers with Fur Collar

The braid decoration on these is not only beautiful but is a detail that makes sure to save the shape of the slipper for many years to come. We all hate when shoes overstretch so you will not have to worry about it with these! Again, the material of these shoes is just incredible to the touch and perfect for any sensitive skin. They have this ultra-soft cushion which assures elasticity and reduces any stress of the foot.

They are also designed to keep away any cold from the surface of the ground with a three layers bottom part high-density memory foam, sponge and anti-shock. You will be completely isolated from any cold in these. You can also wash them in a cold gentle cycle, how about that for keeping them clean and fresh? They come in three colors, but I think you will find it hard to resist the Santa looking red color!


  • Memory foam
  • Nice braid decoration which helps to preserve the shape
  • Very effective against the cold
  • Can wash in the washing machine
  • Soft cushion which assures elasticity


  • They can run a bit small
  • A bit more expensive

6. Lxso Women’s Fuzzy Slippers Memory Foam

If you want a pair of slippers that will make even Hello Kitty jealous, don’t worry! I also got you covered! This pair looks so lively and nice that they will just put you in a good mood in the morning. They are made of a soft plush together with a coral fleece lining. You will for sure not to feel cold in these slippers and the memory foam cushion will make you feel like you are walking on clouds every day. You do not have to worry about leaving any scratch marks on your floor because of the soft material they are made from. And because they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors you can transform them into a family slipper matching party!


  • Lovely design
  • Memory foam
  • Made of soft plush


  • No arch support
  • Do not leave marks on the floor
  • Memory foam

7. Floopi Moccasin Slippers for Women

This pair of Moccasins has very a polished and elegant look that you will not feel ashamed to be seen in by your neighbors when you are picking up your mail. They are lined with beautiful faux fur inside and faux suede outside, they have a nice timeless style that is also combined with the comfort of the cozy faux fur. They hold the memory of your feet for an added relaxed feeling, they have a very hard sole made with TPR material so you can be sure you can wear them anywhere outside. The company offers an impressive selection of ten colors to choose from.


  • Elegant style
  • Beautiful faux fur inside
  • Faux suede outside
  • Memory foam
  • Made with TRP material
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Not so easy to put on
  • More expensive
  • Some colors may differ from the ones in the pictures in real life

8. KAMOTAL Thong Flip Flop Slippers for Women

If you don’t live in a very cold climate and you hate wearing socks in the house I have to propose these slippers to you. They come with a beautiful design and an open toe, so your feet will be able to breathe very well in them. They are made of knitted coral velvet which will give you a nice soft touch and will remember the form of your feet for the next time you put them on. Because of the way they are made you can easily wear them in any season. They are also very quick to dry in case you get them wet. Slipping inside of them will be a very rewarding experience after a long day of work. They only come in two colors.


  • Perfect for every season
  • Nice knitted coral material
  • Memory foam
  • Open toe to allow your feet to breath
  • Does not slide
  • Quick to dry


  • Thin sole
  • Only comes in two colors
  • Does not keep very warm

9. ZORA House Slippers Home Shoes Open Toe Flax Slippers

If you want a pair of relaxing slippers with a cute message in the front you could take these ones into consideration. They are made of nice cotton and linen blend and these materials will prove to be very soft and gentle on the skin. The way that they are designed makes it very easy to put on and just go about your business. One thing to take into consideration is that you have to wash them by hand and pat them to dry. Some people have also commented that the sole does not offer very good support. On the other hand they come with four very nice choices of color and the price tag is to be greatly considered!


  • Made of cotton and linen blend
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Nice design
  • Very breathable
  • Very easy to put on


  • Not easy to wash
  • Does not have a great support for the sole

10. Frjjthchy Cartoon Dog Mop Slippers

And now for the ultimate practical slippers! How would you like to wear comfortable slippers and dust your floors at the same time? These pair of shoes for home is made exactly for this purpose. They allow for the air to circulate very well and the sole is patted with soft fabric that is able to absorb any water and dust from your floors. Just like with a regular mop you can detach the sole and wash them in the washing machine. Mopping the floor in your home has never been easier! And the fun and playful design will for sure delight anyone that sees them.


  • Easy to put on
  • They mop the floor
  • The sole can be washed in the washing machine


  • Not the best material
  • It can be a bit weird to walk in them
  • Not very resistant

Best House Shoes for Women


I know finding a good pair of house shoes can be a difficult task with all the options out there but I hope all the information provided in this article was a help and a guide for you to find the best pair of slippers to fit all your daily needs. We are each unique and our taste and needs are unique therefore I tried to make a list of different types of slippers, with different prices, shapes and styles and I hope you found one that works perfectly for you! We all deserve a nice pair of house shoes to keep our feet comfortable and relax after our daily activities!