10 Best High Heel Inserts 2022 Reviews

High heels have been in vogue for centuries. The attraction, the look, the style that high heels provoke are irresistible for any woman. The colossal charisma for taller women never seems to fade away which is also one of the core reasons for women’s preference for high heels. In addition to a swift increase in height, high heels impart a unique and attractive look to a woman’s legs that further boosts their confidence and induces the feeling of being superior. In this article, you will be enlightened with how you can wear high heels without getting your feet hurt by using the best high heel inserts available in the market. But before jumping straight into our recommendations for the top 10 best high heel inserts, please allow us to shed light on why they are so important for high heel wearers.


As the extraordinary invention of high heels swiftly became an essential part of women’s dress at functions, parties, and in their personal and professional lives, they have been gaining importance consistently since their inception in the 10th century. While the high heels come with tremendous benefits like making your legs look thinner and smarter, beautifying your figure, and intensifying your overall feminine look, they also have some of the risks which you need to consider.

As high heels put constant pressure on your toes, ankles, and feet, they can gradually lead to feet problems like hammertoes and bunions. Both involve the damage to your feet that you would never want. Wearing high heels too often can lead to problems relating to your joints, calf muscles, and Achilles tendon. Some high heels can also be slightly uncomfortable which may also lead to greater stresses to your feet and the rest of your body including your knee, spine, and backbone. Nobody should risk their health at the cost of looking attractive for a while. But does that call for a stop for wearing high heels? Not at all. Every problem calls for a solution and the solution to the problems associated with high heels is high heels inserts.

Best High Heel Inserts

What are the High Heel Inserts?

High heel inserts are the innovative shoe insoles that have a variety of benefits for the people who wear shoes like high heels quite often. You can call them shoe extensions that provide special features like giving the comfort of wearing shoes, protecting your feet from the harmful effects of high heels, and pampering your overall body health. In this article, you will get to know the best high heel inserts available on market. But before that, we find it important to guide our readers about what to look for while selecting the high heels inserts.

How to Choose The Best High Heel Inserts?

If you regularly wear high heels, you must have an idea about the problems associated with them. The problems with high heels vary from person to person. That is why it is important that you find the right high heel insert that meets your requirements and solves your problems. Some women have comfort issues with high heels while others want to get rid of the pain while wearing their high heels for longer times. We have gathered some of the common needs that eventually triggered the invention of high heel inserts. Try to locate your needs and choose the right high heel insert for you after reading the next section of the top 10 best high heel inserts. The common needs for choosing the best high heel inserts are listed below. These have been mentioned after gathering feedback from extensive high heel wearers.

The high heel inserts should:

  • Washable
  • Breathable (should allow air and oxygen to pass freely)
  • Be reusable again and again.
  • Be very soft to give a comfortable high heel experience.
  • Cover the insides of high heels while being invisible.
  • Fragrant.
  • Cheap and cost-effective.
  • Be thin to keep the shape of high heels intact.
  • Be free in size to allow the liberty to cut them to fit any size.
  • Protect the inner beauty of expensive high heels.
  • Prevent twisting and falling while walking briskly.
  • Make a strong grip of high heels on the ground.
  • Keep me firm over a rough landscape.
  • Support me while I run or dance.
  • Avoid bad smell and stickiness in feet after wearing high heels for longer times.
  • Massage my feet while I move.
  • Be pressable while I put on my weight on them.

The list of the expectations out of high heel inserts is huge. We just mentioned a few of them to give you an idea to locate your requirements. Let’s switch to the top 10 best high heel inserts where you will be able to explore more about which high heel inserts would suit you best.

Top 10 Best High Heel Inserts

Fortunately, you don’t have to try all of them. We have done that for you. The following recommendations are the top 10 best high heel inserts that are highly endorsed from our side. Don’t forget to go through the complete reviews before you decide to order any of them. The exclusive benefits that each of the following best high heels offers have been mentioned for your convenience.

Walkize Metatarsal Pads4.7
Mildsun Comfort Pads for High Heels4.6
Dr.Eagle Foot Care Cushions for High Heels4.5
Dr. Scholl's High Heel Relief Insoles4.5
Ballotte Reusable Heel Inserts for Shoes4.4
Ballotte Premium Metatarsal Foot Pads for Pain Relief4.5
YILANCOL HHeel Cushion Inserts Heel Grips Heel Pads4.3
Heelho Full High Heel Inserts4.4
Space Lion Premium Leather Heel Pads Grips Liners Inserts4.3
Viewm High Heel Cushion Inserts Soft Insoles4.3

1. Walkize Metatarsal Pads

The number one on our list is Walkize Metatarsal Pads. Have you ever experienced the itching and the pain that is often caused by wearing tough shoes for the whole day? We are talking about the moments when you just want to remove your shoes or high heels and free up your feet for a while. This happens with most of the people and the pain and soreness in the feet last for hours after you remove your shoes. These particular inserts are specifically designed to solve this long-standing shoe problem. Not only this, these amazing high heel inserts have much more to offer. The additional features and benefits offered by these inserts are listed below.


  • Provide soft cushions to prevent the ball of the feet pain.
  • Proactively works to avoid feet problems like Neuroma, Bunions, and the pain in feet bones.
  • Absorb shocks and let you walk freely with confidence even at rough surfaces. The angle your feet are adjusted with keeps you protected against slipping and twisting while you are wearing high heels.
  • Forget about the fear of falling when you have these smart inserts to grab your feet while you walk, run or dance.
  • The brand also offers a full refund in case you face any problems with their high heel inserts. That shows their confidence and their product proves that.
  • It also comes with a complimentary metatarsal guide to enhance user awareness about feet related problems.


  • They may not work well with open sandals.
  • The adhesiveness may lose strength if frequently removed.
  • They may not fit perfectly with a few of pointed-toe heels.

2. Mildsun Comfort Pads for High Heels

Are you having a thought that this heel insert would almost be the same as reviewed above? Not really. Stay connected with us and you’ll know its exclusive features for sure. These exceptional inserts from the Mildsun brand are specially designed to resolve metatarsal issues while you wear high heels on a regular basis. They are designed to resolve issues related to bones of your feet. If you feel that any of your feet bones ache while you wear high heels, these may be the best option for you to consider. These pads provide cushion effects to your feet to let the pain go away and prevent your feet from further damage. These inserts are soft pads that provide a cozy feeling to your feet while you move with your high heels.

The special features and benefits that these inserts offer are mentioned below:


  • They are elastic enough to expand or contract as you increase or limit your movements.
  • Ideal for wearing with hectic routines and heavy party shows.
  • They are best known for heavy-duty performances to keep you fresh and energetic throughout your busy routine.
  • These smart insoles are manufactured with premium quality silicone gel that controls the additional health issues raised due to excessive use of high heels such as pad atrophy, feet burning, and ball of foot problems including calluses and bunion issues.
  • The porous fabric on its sides work as sweat-absorbers and protect you from slipping in risky areas.
  • Its super strong adhesiveness sticks firmly inside your high heels and stays in place irrespective of your frequency to removing and wearing your high heels again and again. The adhesiveness is not permanent and you can easily remove these inserts to use them again.
  • Its universal size makes it truly one size that fills all. No matter what is the measure of your feet and shoes, the Mildsun inserts are ready to be cut and shaped in your desired size. This applies not only to the high heels but also to the normal flat shoes as well.
  • It helps prevent your feet from slipping forward.
  • Its high elasticity works as the shock absorber to protect you from twisting your feet and falling
  • Easily washable with soap and dried up like your normal clothes for using it over and over again.


  • Their porous property and sweat-absorbing features may not be the ideal choice for purely fashion lovers.

3. Dr.Eagle Foot Care Cushions for High Heels

If you are looking for soft and medicated pads to comfort your ball of the foot, Dr.Eagle Foot Care Cushions for High Heels is the right choice for you. You must be thinking why you should go for this shoe insert while other high heel inserts also have similar features. That’s natural. But these shoe inserts have some proven records to provide relief to the extensive high heel users. They are a gift for people who suffer from foot problems like stone bruises and feet soreness, they have a special feature of avoiding bad smell after wearing high heels for longer durations. They are easy to use and stick for longer times without having a need to fit them every time you wear your shoes. The special features of these cushions are mentioned below.


  • Super squishy and sticky to remain intact inside your high heels.
  • They are manufactured using a special medical gel that provides ultimate comfort to your feet including the ball of foot, heel, toes, and palm.
  • They are well-known to treat feet problems like bunions, calluses, and neuromas.
  • Easily washable for multiple usages.
  • Their special adhesiveness not only keeps them stay at their place but also does not damage your shoes while you remove them.
  • They protect you from falling while you walk with your high heels.
  • One of the best things about them is that they are equally good for men’s shoes.


  • They do not make the toe side of your high heels soft.
  • They may move and you have to readjust them sometimes while performing rigorous activities like running.

4. Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Relief Insoles

Want a high heel insert that is clinically proven to protect your feet? The next on the list is Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Insoles. Specially designed to give relief for the high heel pain, these high heel inserts have been tested and are known for providing all-day comfort with wearing high heels of any kind. Do your high heels pinch your toes or ankles? Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Insoles are highly recommended for you. The most important features of this amazing inserts are listed below.


  • Proven to provide instant and long-term relief for foot pain.
  • The special gel arch used in manufacturing these inserts will turn your hard shoes or high heels into the most comfortable shoes on earth.
  • They are super soft to cover up your feet with every angle while you walk or dance.
  • The targeted cushioning of the ball of the foot will protect your feet from getting into any kind of stress.
  • Its super slim size will neither be visible to any other person nor will make your shoes tighter while you keep wearing your high heels.
  • Their perfect fitting into high heels of any size will not even require you to trim them.
  • They can be worn repeatedly for as long as 6 months.
  • They easily stick to your high heels to stay firm at their place.
  • Their unique design and technology make them absorb bumps and shocks while you move, run, dance or do catwalk with your high heels.


  • They don’t come in sizes higher than 10”.
  • They do not offer arch support. You may have to use arch support under these insoles if you require them.
  • Too much switching of these inserts may damage their adhesiveness in the long-run.

5. Ballotte Reusable Heel Inserts for Shoes

Another awesome heel cushion in our list of top 10 best high heel inserts is Ballotte High Heel Cushion Inserts. By truly providing the soft cushion effects, they are the best choice for you if you face problems like blistering or swelling around your feet after you spend a full day in high heels. The special gel liners used in these high heel inserts protect your feet from getting damaged by having constant contact with your shoe corners. Their additional features and benefits include:


  • Exclusive hit-and-absorb foot technology that saves you from falling or slipping while you walk briskly or dance freely.
  • Its ultra-stickiness makes it stay at its place irrespective of how many times you remove and wear your high heels.
  • It fits perfectly inside your high heels to make you feel as if they are part of your shoes and makes a perfect grip at your feet.
  • These inserts are universal and can be removed to place in other pairs of your high heels also. Just wash them to revive their stickiness.
  • Works equally well with shoes other than high heels.


  • They might not work well with specific materials like nylon.
  • Not suitable for sticking in the shoes that have fur.

6. Ballotte Premium Metatarsal Foot Pads for Pain Relief

The next on our list is Reusable Ball of Foot Cushions. The best part about these shoe inserts is that they perfectly work with high heels as well as flat shoes. For your convenience, please see below the list of benefits that this product offers.


  • Made with ultra-soft pads to ensure ultimate comfort. You can go dancing and running and you won’t even feel that you are wearing high heels.
  • They provide quick relief from the pain that is caused by your high heels.
  • They come with the inserts cleaner. You can clean your inserts every time you put them in your shoes or heels. The cleaner also enhances its performance and increases its life.
  • They are thin and won’t affect the grace of your heels or shoes because of being completely invisible.
  • They are easily washable and reusable for longer periods. One pair of inserts can also be used for multiple shoes and high heels.
  • They are carefully designed with the medical-grade gel that makes sure not to hurt your feet while you walk even at rough surfaces. The medical-grade PU gel also provides inner massage to keep your feet calm and relaxed while you walk, run, or dance wearing your high heels.
  • The transparent gel makes it an ideal choice to be used for the shoes or heels of any color.
  • The special focus of the medical gel is to protect the balls of your feet to prevent them from getting hurt or damaged.
  • They are easily trimmable and you can cut them to any size to fit perfectly in your favorite shoes.


  • They may make toe of your shoes slightly tighter.
  • May not be the ideal choice for flat sandals.

7. YILANCOL HHeel Cushion Inserts Heel Grips Heel Pads

Say goodbye to blisters and enjoy soothing comfort with these super soft and elastic Yilancol High Heel Pads. These pads are ideal for placing in your high heels to allow you to walk freely with no worries of getting your feet hurt. Their widely regarded features and benefits include:


  • Ideal to provide protection against issues like blisters, callus, and abrasion that are usually caused by high heels.
  • Heavy-duty adhesiveness for performing under tough environments.
  • Easily washable and reusable multiple times.
  • The elasticity present in their fine material allows your feet to move freely.
  • Protect the insides of your high heels and avoid bad smell with their sweat-absorbing technology.
  • The premium material used in these pads knows very well about the sensitivity of your feet and will keep your skin protected at all times.
  • They prevent the falling and hitting effects while you walk briskly in your high heels.
  • Ideal for bigger shoe sizes.
  • Equally suitable for flat shoes and leather shoes.
  • They come with 3 amazing colors of black, beige, and transparent to suit your choices.


  • They do not have variants with higher shoe sizes.
  • Their stickiness may be affected by shoes that have fluffy insides.

8. Heelho Full High Heel Inserts

Do you have multiple problems with high heels? While other high heel inserts may be limited to providing specific vendors, the Heelho Full High Heel Inserts are meant to fully cover your entire high heel to give you the best experience with your shoes. These are not merely inserts or regular shoe pads. These high heel inserts are patented and take full charge of your feet when you go out wearing high heels. You can keep your shoes on without having an urge to remove them even after long hours of your hectic routines. The few of their additional features are listed below:


  • They help you walk with confidence by covering up your entire feet.
  • You can stop worrying about your feet and high heels to get damaged when you have worn these high heel inserts.
  • Medically designed to keep a firm grip over your feet and avoid feet problems due to high heels.
  • Your utmost satisfaction is guaranteed by Heelho.


  • The adhesiveness may fade after too many switching of these inserts.
  • They are made up of a material called poron instead of gel but they are still comfortable.
  • No arch support is provided. You may have to use a separate cushion if you require arch support.

9. Space Lion Premium Leather Heel Pads Grips Liners Inserts

We are sure that this entry must have brought a smile on the faces of leather lovers. These premium leather Heel Pads by Space Lion have multifunctional features. From adjusting your heels to providing ultimate comfort, these high heel inserts are an amazing choice. Check out their exciting features before ordering one of them.


  • They are made from premium cowhide that is transformed into ultra-soft pads to provide cushioning effects to your sensitive feet.
  • In addition to high heels, they are equally compatible with other kinds of shoes like flat shoes, boots, canvas shoes, and men-wears.
  • The extra strong stickiness makes them stay at their place for hours.
  • Easily changeable and transferable to use with other shoes as well.
  • They offer an insane No Reason 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee that makes it stand out of the crowd.


  • They only stick best with leather shoes or heels only.
  • They may not be suitable for slightly bigger shoes.
  • You have to take care of the paper that holds its adhesiveness.

10. Viewm High Heel Cushion Inserts Soft Insoles

Finally, we are recommending the Viewm High Heel Cushion Inserts that will compel you to start loving your high heels again. If you have stopped wearing your high heels due to any reason that relates to pain, fitting, comfort, or ease of wearing shoes, these are the right inserts for you. The following features are included among many benefits that these inserts come with.


  • They give ultimate protection against slipping or sliding movements while walking with high heels.
  • Best known for their durability and long-term usage.
  • Provide soothing effects while standing with high heels for longer times.
  • Protect your feet from issues like blisters and ball of foot pressure.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of shoe types.
  • Their unique feature is that they can be helpful in treating flat feet because of their arch design.
  • Their foamy and sponge-like material makes them ultra-soft, shock absorbers, and super comfortable.
  • They are trimmable to fit shoes of any size.
  • They also give a warming effect to your feet.
  • Easily washable with soap for repeated usage.


  • Their warming effect may not be desired in summers.
  • Adhesiveness may not last for frequent shoe changes.

Best High Heel Inserts


We have tried our best to answer the frequently asked questions regarding High Heel Inserts. Go through them to find an answer that might be helpful to you.

Which one is the best inserts for high heels?

Each of the best high heel inserts mentioned in this article looks fine to me.

While each of the high heel inserts reviewed in this article may have overlapping features, you can still find the best inserts that fulfill the maximum of your needs. Read the distinctive features of each high heel inserts and you will be in a better position to decide one for yourself.

Are wearing inserts always necessary with High Heels?

No. It is not necessary to have inserts with your high heels every time but we do recommend having them if you are facing any kind of problems wearing your high heels.

Will the adhesives used in High Heel Inserts deform the shape of my shoes?

Adhesives are used to keep the high heel inserts stay at their place while you move wearing your high heels. But the top 10 best high heel inserts reviewed in this article are designed in a way to keep the shape of your beloved high heels intact. They won’t leave the sticky substance in your shoes.

Do High Heel Inserts really cure feet problems including allergies?

A few of the high heel inserts discussed in this top 10 list of best high heel inserts have medical formulation. They largely prevent your feet from getting damaged and causing allergies but we recommend contacting your physician for a proper checkup in case of serious allergies.

Do the high heel inserts really help in getting a good body shape?

Well, yes. Walking and standing are two of the most frequent activities of any human being. So they definitely have a substantial impact on the overall personality. While your posture and body shape may be affected by the twisted movements you experience while wearing high heels, these top 10 best high heel inserts work in a way that actually improves your body shape and figure in the long run.


High Heels will never lose their charm. While the craziness for wearing high heels is understandable, you must be careful in protecting your feet by every means. A small itching or discomfort may lead to bigger metatarsal issues discussed in this article. That is why high heel inserts have been introduced. We recommend that you make use of the top 10 best high heel inserts to select the best one for you. While you are always advised to put personal care at priority but that doesn’t have to be at the cost of ignoring high heels because men will never stop getting seduced by the addictive tik-tok sound that high heels invoke.