6 Best Cushioned Socks Reviews 2022

In today’s time, comfort is the most important aspect while choosing any product or performing any activity. In the athletic world, the word “comfort” goes hand in hand with almost all the sports. If you are running, playing any sports, or even just walking, you would be in an attire that is comfortable especially footwear. This where “cushioned socks” come in. These socks are designed in such a way that with their thickness and extra padding, they not only keep your feet warm but also provide protection against blisters and support to the affected areas.

In comparison to other socks, cushion socks are the best fit for athletic purposes for the multi-benefits they offer. In addition to this, cushioned socks come in different varieties like footwear socks, knee socks, low cut socks, etc. Customers can also select the kind of fabric, padding, and colors they need.

Best Cushioned Socks

How to Choose the Cushioned Socks

Before buying cushioned socks, one often thinks about how to find the best-cushioned socks? Which cushioned socks are the perfect fit for you? These questions often confuse customer’s minds and affect their purchase decisions. There are certain characteristics and factors that differentiate the best and good quality cushioned socks from those of low quality.


The foremost factor that you need to keep in mind is the material. Choosing the wrong material or fabric can cause damage to your feet. Try avoiding 100% cotton cushioned socks as they tend to stay moist and wet. This moisture and wetness can cause foot rot, feeling of dampness, and blisters. Buy those socks that have other materials along with cotton such as polyester, nylon, spandex, or wool. Socks made up of a blend of these fabrics can provide moisture control and softness. The reason for buying these socks is because they are made of fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin and don’t let your feet stay damp and moisty.


The next important factor is the shape of socks. For running and other sports, one should avoid shapeless tube socks as the fabric of these socks tend to get stuck and irritate your skin. Athletes often prefer cushioned socks that have an elastic arch lock to keep the socks in its place and since they hug the contour of your feet, they eliminate the chance of injury or blisters formation.

Thickness and padding

Thickness and padding are also important while purchasing cushioned socks. The thickness of cushioned socks can provide warmth and cozy feeling to your feet in winters. Some of the athletes opt for extra cushioning and padding as this tends to boost comfort level and provide support to feet, whereas others prefer slightly thick socks for warmer weather.

In addition to all of this, consumers should always know the length and height of the cushioned socks that would best fit them. Some consumers prefer to buy knee-length cushioned socks, some prefer low cut cushioned socks whereas others prefer ankle cushioned socks.

They are many top-notch brands in the market offering cushioned socks. But How do you know which ones are the best? Which ones are the best match for your needs? Well worry not, after reviewing different cushioned socks, we came up with the best ones that have received positive feedback among customers. In addition to this, our decision was also based on other important factors like their quality, material, utility, thickness, durability, etc. In terms of ratings, these cushioned socks have been generally received high customer ratings.

Top 6 Best Cushioned Socks

Dickies Men's 3 Pack Heavyweight Cushion Compression Work Crew Socks4.6
NIKE Dri-Fit Training Everyday PLUS MAX Cushioned Quarter Cut Ankle Socks4.7
Hanes Men's Comfortblend Max Cushion 6-pack White Low Cut Socks4.7
Petrala Hiking Socks Men's Moisture Wicking Thick Padded Combed Cotton Sock Trekking Outdoor Performance4.6
FootJoy Men's ProDry Low Cut Socks4.8
Puma No Show Women's Socks, Moisture Control Mesh Ventilation4.7

1. Dickies Men’s 3 Pack Heavyweight Cushion Compression Work Crew Socks

By the look of them, these socks look super comfy and nice. These come in different variety of colors like black, grey, white, light pinkish shade and brown. In terms of quality, they are quite good. They are made up of Polyester and spandex, hence it is moisture-free. They have arch lock making them fit comfortably around your feet. In addition to all of this, they provide compression and support to your feet, hence making customers number one choice.

These are easily available on Amazon and have generally received good ratings and positive feedback from customers.

2. NIKE Dri-Fit Training Everyday PLUS MAX Cushioned Quarter Cut Ankle Socks

The best kind of sock to power through your workout. The thickness of these socks gives them a very comfortable feel. From the name “Dri-Fit”, we can assume that they have zero dampness and offer moisture control. This technology makes them absorb moisture, hence keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The footbed is composed of high friction yarn which eliminates the chance of slippage and injury.

3. Hanes Men’s Comfortblend Max Cushion 6-pack White Low Cut Socks

There is no reason as to why these socks shouldn’t be on the list of best-cushioned socks. Made up of polyester and spandex, they offer softness and durability. Also, they offer maximum cushion sport for feet. These are specially designed for people who prefer ankle and low-cut socks. With their fresh iq odor and smell protection technology, they can help keep your feet fresh even after long hectic hours. Thus, no sweaty smell when you remove your shoes. Made from wicking yarns and fiber, Hanes cushioned socks provide anti damp and moisture control affect. So, all in all, with the number of attributes they offer, these are a pretty good deal.

4. Petrala Hiking Socks Men’s Moisture Wicking Thick Padded Combed Cotton Sock Trekking Outdoor Performance

For all the trekking and hiking junkies, these socks are the perfect match for you. They are the best hiking and trekking socks in town. From the material to their durability to their thickness, everything is of excellent quality. These cushioned socks are made from polyester, nylon, and elastic fibers which eliminates the chance of footrot or blisters. Because of their elastic arch lock, they perfectly fit around the feet and ankle providing protection during walking, trekking or hiking. No discomfort. No uneasiness. In terms of durability, Petrala hiking socks are quite long-lasting and have received excellent customer feedback. You could be wearing every other day, but their quality won’t wane. The majority of the customers are quite happy with the purchase and have given 5-star ratings to this product. In addition to all of this, these socks offer resistance against slippage as they are perfectly cushioned and are anti-slip.

5. FootJoy Men’s ProDry Low Cut Socks

With long-standing working and sports hours, one prefers to at least have comfortable footwear. These hectic hours and uncomfortable footwear can cause foot soreness, swelling, discomfort, and moistness. This is where FootJoy” low cut socks come in”. FootJoy is specifically targeting this customer segment with their “ProDry Low Cut Socks”. They have designed in such a way to offer maximum comfort, stability, and moisture-free attributes to heavy-duty athletes and workers. This pair comes in four different colors; black, gray, off white/brownish and white. With their cushioned foot and reinforced sole, they offer stability and able to fight fatigue making it easier to stay on your feet for a long time. Hence eliminating, foot soreness, uneasiness, and discomfort.

6. Puma No Show Women’s Socks, Moisture Control Mesh Ventilation

Puma is known for its good product quality, that is why it should come as no surprise that these socks are among the best-cushioned socks on amazon. From everyday wear to sports, they are a perfect match. This product offers moisture control, elastic arch, cushioned support to its customers. During sports or walking, it provides a feeling of comfort and easiness, hence enhancing an athlete’s performance. Since they are made up of polyester, they can wick moisture off your skin elimination dampness or blisters. Because of their durability, these cushioned socks are among the top favorites of female athletes and customers.

Cushioned Socks


What makes cushioned socks different from other socks?

Cushioned socks not only offer comfort to your feet but also protection against blisters, moisture, sweaty feeling, dampness, and foot rot. These socks are not used for athletic purposes but also for everyday walking activities. They are designed in such that they provide cushioned sport to your footwear, making it easy for you to stand for long periods. Their moisture control attribute eliminates the chance of sweaty and damp feet. Moreover, with their elastic arch lock, these socks fit perfectly around the contour of your feet.

How should I wash my cushioned socks?

Preferably warm water and hand wash is recommended. If you plan on putting them in the washing machine, wash them on a gentle cycle and dry it at low dry.

Are polyester cushioned best for your feet?

Yes, polyester along with spandex and nylon is the best material for cushioned socks. The majority of the cushioned socks are made up of these materials as they provide softness and ensure the durability of the socks.

Which cushioned socks are best for warm weather?

For summers and warm weathers, low cut and ankle cushioned socks are perfect. They are thin yet cushioned efficiently to support your feet. They allow ventilation across your feet, removing moisture and sweatiness.

Are these socks a perfect fit?

Yes, cushioned socks are a perfect fit because of their elastic arch lock. This ensures that socks hug the contour of your feet and are a perfect fit. In comparison to shapeless tube socks, elastic arch cushioned socks stay in place.

Are moisture-wicking socks effective?

Yes, they are effective in controlling moisture. Cushioned socks made from polyester, Nylon, spandex, and wool have proven to wick moisture off your skin. Some socks have ProDry technology which completely removes moisture and dampness.

Are cotton socks bad for sports?

Pure cotton socks are bad for sports and long working hours as they tend to get moisty and damp. This moisture can cause foot rot, blisters, and other foot infection. Moreover, it gives a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling to your feet. Buy cotton socks that are blended with other materials like polyester, modern wool, etc.

Does fresh iq technology remove the sweaty odor?

Yes, it has been proven that fresh iq odor protection technology removes odor from your feet keeping them fresh. The best socks in the market with this attribute are Hanes comfort blend for both men and women.

Why should I buy cushioned socks?

The question is; why shouldn’t you? Cushioned socks are among the top trending footwear for their comfort, durability, and quality. If you are a walking person or an athlete, then having cushioned socks in your wardrobe should be a must.

Customers who have tried cushioned socks regret not purchasing them earlier. These are worth the purchase.


All in all, I would say cushioned socks are a go-to product for all those who prefer comfort while playing sports, hiking, or even performing day to day tasks. These cushioned socks are among the top trending footwear. From Nike to Adidas to Puma, all brands are striving towards providing efficient cushioned socks to their customers. These socks have grabbed a place among consumers’ favorite products. The reason lies with the exceptional attributes this product offers. For some people, it’s just another pair of socks, whereas, for those who know the importance of wearing comfortable footwear, it is more than just another pair of socks. Whether be it heavy duty hours or sports, these socks are cushioned in such a way that they offer ease and relief to your feet making it easy for you to stand for long hours.

What I like most about this product is that it is offering what it promises. You can use them for 10 months now and they will still have the same good quality. Yes, it also depends on the brand you are buying these socks from. If you are purchasing them from some of the top-notch brands like Hanes, Petrala, Nike, Adidas, Puma, then you can expect good durability and quality.

In the end, I would just like to say that if you don’t have a pair of cushioned socks in your closet, then go get order them. Having them in your wardrobe is a must.