10 Best Chef Shoes 2022 – Protect Your Feet Against Kitchen Accident

The kitchen job is some sort of tough job because of the workload involved. The Occupational stress in this fast-paced environ rarely slows down. The hours worked by a chef is rigorous and time-consuming. Spending about 12 to 15 hours on your feet can become burdensome sometimes. The stress associated with the job of a chef is felt both mentally and physically. For this singular reason and many others, it is important to take care of their feet as they spend most time on it. It is a popular saying to heartily spend on commodities that separate your body from the ground. For example, shoes and tires. This article is great for finding the best shoes for old and upcoming chefs. The list contains the best chef shoes in the market based on plenty research work.

Best Chef Shoes

Top 10 Best Chef Shoes

Crocs Women's Specialist Ii Vent ClogWomen4.8
ESCOFFIER Waterproof Slip Resistant Kitchen Chef ClogWomen4.8
Dansko Women's XP 2.0 ClogsWomen4.7
SensFoot Slip Resistant ShoesWomen4.6
Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super GripUnisex4.6
OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Active Recovery FootwearUnisex4.6
Bragard Sven Unisex Work Clogs Leather Uppers Slip-Resistant SolesUnisex4.8
Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service ShoeMen4.8
Mosida Non-Slip Chef ShoesMen4.6
Labo Pro Reactive Men's Kitchen ShoesMen4.7

1. Crocs Women’s Specialist Ii Vent Clog

The uniqueness Crocs Women’s Specialist II Clog is the ventilating ports around the toe box to increase airflow and drain water or debris. Compared to previous Crocs product, they added thicker construction at the toe and metatarsal areas of this product.

Putting into consideration that chefs can be carried away while working, Crocs Specialist II clog is built with pivoted heel straps for a secure fit. It is fully molded and easy to clean by with soap and water and allowing for a quick dry.

The shoe is perfect for long days and nights because of its enhanced arch support, thicker metatarsal area, and contoured footbeds. It is lightweighted, flexible with 360-degree comfort. The thicker metatarsal and toe regions protect feet from spills. The contoured out footbeds increase support for the arch while the nubbed foam offer a unique massaging experience.

2. ESCOFFIER Waterproof Slip Resistant Kitchen Chef Clog

A slip resistant work shoes for Men Women made with flexible environmentally friendly EVA material. It has high density heel area which is designed to prevent shape deformation. It is 100% waterproof and has a shock absorber.

For comfortability, it is light weighted, absorbs sweat because of its mesh insole and the middle area also absorbs shock. It is exceptionally made for chefs as it has an in-built non slip rubber on water and oil.

It can be used in wet kitchen, oily food place, hospital and another similar environment.

3. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

The upper part of Dansko Women’s XP Clogs version 2.0 is made up of leather with a rubber sole. It has padded collar for comfort when standing or walking as the case is for chefs. There is plenty of room in this clog which allows the toes to move in a comfortable manner. The Lightweighted environmentally friendly midsole reduces tiredness for daily wear and provides high shock absorption and stability.

With the use of Dansko Natural Arch technology, it has double density, removable PU footbed which provide exceptional, all-day support for cushioning

4. SensFoot Slip Resistant Shoes

The SensFoot slip-resistant clogs alternate with Crocs clogs for chefs and cooks. It is unisex clog manufactured with environmentally friendly EVA materials. It is light weighted and weighs about 0.6 lb for a size 9. The midsole is quite comfortable and can withstand long standing hours without stress

SensFoot clogs is of great value especially because they have a removable strap and have side vents for added breathability. It has a slip resistant sole essentially valuable for people working in the kitchen. It performs well on wet linoleum surface.

Its excellent shock absorption and long-lasting support insole makes it suitable for Chef and Any Other Industry Workers Needing shoes that are resistant to slip. It also has excellent shock absorption and long-lasting support insole.

5. Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip

Birkenstock Boston Super Grip shoe is one of the best shoes in the market for work in the kitchen area. Both black and white color options are available. The black one is more ideal for the dirt that flows from food material.

Compared to other products, these Birkenstock options are made from high-quality, breathable leather material. This upper leather allows chefs to work full shifts without sweat soaking their socks.

The standard for which Birkenstock brand is known, the natural materials used for these shoes take some time to break in. However, once broken in, these could be the most comfortable pair of shoes for the work life of a chef.

6. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Active Recovery Footwear

The ability of impact absorbing orthopedic heel & foot pain relief gives Oofos footwear a plus. It is 100% Smooth leather and synthetic with a rubber sole, it absorbs more impact than traditional shoe foam, giving your feet the extra break that is required.

It is one of the best fits for chef because the footbed cradles arches to reduce stress on sore ankle, feet, lower back, and knees. They are designed to allow natural relief and motion. OOFOS are machine washable.

7. Bragard Sven Unisex Work Clogs Leather Uppers Slip-Resistant Soles

The heel of Bragard work clog measures about 2 inches. The uniqueness is found in its ability to regulate heat insulation and moisture through the flexible sole. The upper design is made up of leather.

The comfortability of this shoe makes it a top preference for chefs. It is suitable for both leisure and work. The track soles are designed to remove fluid from foot. It is suitable for Gardeners, Nurses, Chefs and other workers who need slip-resistant footwear.

8. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

The food service shoe has a smooth, durable and synthetic upper part. It has a breathable mesh fabric panels that is patterned with diamond. The chef job could be messy as oil and water pours randomly on their shoes. For this reason, Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage shoe is built to have water and stain resistant upper design.

One of the most attractive part of the shoe is the side S logo and padded collar. The shoe has a soft fabric shoe lining and it is durable mesh that supports breathability. In terms of comfortability, it has a relaxed design for a comfortable fit. It has a light weighted sole to help chefs combat the stress of standing for long time and the midsole is also a shock absorbing one.

It has 1 1/4 inch built in heel and weight of 10 1/4 oz. in a men’s size 9. The outsole has a slip resistant rubber traction. For easy slip on fit, the shoe has a dual side elastic fabric panel.

9. Mosida Non-Slip Chef Shoes

Mosida shoe is unisex oil and water-resistant shoe. It doesn’t slip and it has a sole that prevent puncture. The outsole is made up of rubber that is slip resistant.

Designed with three venting holes for breathability. It is a bleachable shoe, easy to clean and acid resistant too. The material in the outsole is made up of slip resistant rubber which makes it safer to walk on oily ground.

Suitable for bathroom, kitchen and other environment associated with water or oil spillage. It is suitable for daily wearing and it has natural design both for male and female.

10. Labo Pro Reactive Men’s Kitchen Shoes

This shoe has a leather oil resistant material at the Upper design. It is definitely for the kitchen because of its slip resistant Kitchen slip on and lace up design. In terms of comfort, it has lightweight, it is flexible and has comfort loafer.

The sole is made up of rubber and the platform measures about 0.75 inches

Best Chef Shoes

How to Choose the Best Chef Shoes?

There are essentially three guideline for choosing the best chef shoes. The first one is the comfortability of the shoe, the second is the style and the third the functionality of the shoe. Getting into more details of these guidelines would enable any reader of this article to have the ability to choose wisely.


The comfortability of a chef shoe entails its design, viability and ergonomics.


Regarding design, when a chef buys a slip- or lace-up work shoe, it is absolutely important to select the one that is appropriate for the environment in which they will be used. If there is lot of heating going on at the back of the kitchen, breathable shoes would be best option to buy. Slip-ons are definitely the best for cooks based on several review as shown also in this article. However, some chefs just simply prefer the support that lace-up shoes gives.

Another important aspect regarding design is how light or heavy the shoe is. Chef shoes need to be comfortable and light weighted. Their shoes should provide easy and fast movements around the kitchen.


Regarding viability, this has to do with the shoe’s feasibility. Unless the work hours are reduced, chefs can work from 8 to 12, to 14 or more hours in the kitchen in a single shift. This period is spent either standing or moving around the kitchen. Orthopedic shoes would be the recommendation in this case. They are not comfortable to the feet. However, the purpose is to correct bad posture and stop any further feet degeneration. Shoes with proper size and the ones manufactured from high-quality materials are more comfortable.


When it comes to Ergonomics, A shoe which is able to support the wearer in an ergonomic sense provides advantages over one that is not able. Chef usually stand on their feet for long number of hours. For this reason, they should be supported in every way possible.

If a chef shoe is convenient enough, it will meet the requirement of many other needs, including: being made from high-quality materials and provisions of arch support for those with flat feet

Shoes that doesn’t provide the support needed, can lead to long-term health defects. The proper shoe aid chefs to prevent injuries to the joints and ligaments. Wearing inaappropriate shoes may not cause a problem in the short term but it can wreak little havoc immediately and return back later. If a shoe is convenient enough, it allows the feet to have proper blood flow. This is also twice important for the joints, bones, ligaments, and muscles of the legs.


Style in general is of less importance to a chef than comfortability and functionality. As human, style still has a role to play in our choice and this applies to a chef too. slip-on and laces are the two main style of chef shoes in the market. Slip-ons are often the recommended ideal for chefs. This is because they are easier when it comes to putting it on and taking it off. It has advantage over lace as there is no tendency of losing and causing slip in the kitchen.

Another good advantage for slip-on safety of the food. After time lace is loosed, the chef needs to stop, tie it and then wash hands before they can touch the food. This is way too stressful; it is better to just go with slip on.

Laced chef shoes are great but slip on has advantages over them in some ways. First thing to ask about style is are the shoes oil and water resistant? Is the upper design strong enough? Lace-up shoes happen to be more breathable than slip-on shoes. In terms of grip, lace-up chef shoe is the best except that they should be a frequent replacement of laces. With this, lace-up shoes would be more durable than slip on ones


Functionality of a chef shoe entails the type of material, resistance to water, breathability, ease of cleaning and its grip


The material that is used for the shoe is veryimportant. Essentially, a chef would preferably look for a flexible design with long-lasting upper part. Standing and moving constantly in a kitchen environment cause extreme wear on cook shoes. If a chef shoe cannot withstand the pressure associated with the job, it is likely to deteriorate within first few weeks of purchase.

Resistance to water

Wearing water resistance shoe in the kitchen is of great importance. If the whole shoe is not resistant to water, at least the sole for safety reasons. An advantage to this kind of shoe is to avoid accident in the kitchen area. Most times, the kitchen area has hot oil and boiling water. This is a potential for spilling accidents. The environment is fast-paced and unpredictable. Hence the need of oil and water resistance shoe. When a chef purchases a low-quality shoe, hot oil and boiling water can easily find its way into the shoe and cause serious problem to the feet.


It is necessary to go for a good chef shoe. This would provide comfort in the constant hot environment. In the kitchen environment, sweat is a serious subject matter. A breathable shoe is non-negotiable in this case. The moisture from the shoe needs to evaporate. If moisture does not fizzle out, shoes will not be comfortable. Footwear that is manufactured from good quality, breathable materials create allowance for the feet.

Ease of cleaning

A chef shoe should be easy and quick to clean. The kitchen environment is an environment where dirt from food remains spill around. Hence, it should be a shoe that can be easily washed and dried. Most times, chefs wash their shoes on a daily basis and this is why shoes needs no complexity to make them neat again.


One of the most common accident that can occur in a kitchen is a slip and fall one. Sometimes they are unavoidable but many times they are avoidable with regards to the grip of the shoe. Chefs should always purchase an anti-slip footwear with good grip. If they purchase shoes with great grip and a spill occur, they would still be able to stand on their two feet.


Why do chefs wear clogs?

Chef clogs feature anti-slip sole to prevent chefs from kitchen accident and eventually injuring themselves. The insoles contains absorbing materials to prevent slipping due to foot sweating.

Are Crocs good for chefs?

Chefs often work smarter and with comfortability provided by shoes from Crocs, they are good to go. It is built with light weighted Croslite material for a convenient fit for the foot. They are also easy to clean and have resistance to odor.

Why is Birkenstock Boston the best grip shoe for Chefs?

Birkenstock designed the Boston Grip as a clog that can withstand the stamina of a busy cook, no matter what kind of kitchen the chef works in. The unique rubber grip tread is optimized to give an ideal turning motion when you walk and ensure that no slips occur from greasy or wet surfaces.

Is Labo Pro Reactive Men’s Shoe good for an oily kitchen?

The outsole of Labo Pro Reactive Men’s Shoe is made up of slip-resistant nitrile rubber which is oil and chemical resistant for reliable traction.


The most important value for choosing chef shoes are both comfort and function. It is vital to find footwear manufactured by people who have worked in and around the kitchen environment. These people have a better understand of how tasks are done in this environment. They also know the challenges that can occur in the kitchen.

Some shoe brands do not take this challenge lightly and they have it in mind while manufacturing the products. The good news involved is that manufacturing industries of chef shoes are ever evolving. Special footwear for kitchen job is gaining traction year in year out across all industries.

Location or region is a factor as to the type of regulation involved in building this kind of shoe. Some workplaces have strict rules as to safety codes when it comes to dressing. In some regions the decisions to choose the right shoe might be left up to the chef.

Having the right chef footwear is vital, whether regulations of a place demands it or not. The proper footwear for professional cooks would usually prevent kitchen accidents. Proper dressing would also allow chefs to focus on their job and its quality. Chef shoes should be comfortable, non-slip, water and oil resistant and ideally made from breathable material. When the above combinations are found in a shoe, it can provide a perfect scenario for the daily challenges of the demanding life of a chef.