Best Brooks Running Shoes 2022

Brooks is the company that produces running shoes both for men and women. It has the best products that allow it to compete with other larger brands in the market. The company’s focus is only to make running shoes and they have been able to produce the best products in the market today.

The company has the best brook running pair of shoes for every runner or marathoners. Their products have been in the market for a decade now, runners and marathoners have been relying on them for a longer period.

Overview of Brooks

Brooks overtook Asics in 2013-2014 to take the lead in the professional running shoes market, with a 29% market share (2014).

Specialty running shoe market includes specialized running shoes products purchased by real runners – people who practice running year-round. That does not include fashion shoes or shoes purchased for walking.

Brooks has a history of more than 100 years of operation. The company was founded in 1914 in Philadelphia by Morris Goldenberg.

When it was first established, Brooks produced bathing shoes before turning to sports shoes in the 1930s with shoes for baseball and rugby. Brooks continued to expand the business to many other sports before a thorough reform in 2001 to focus 100% on research and production of running shoes.

After many owner changes, Brooks is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway (a company of Warren Buffett). The current full name is Brooks Sports, Inc. with headquarters located in Seattle. The current CEO of Brooks is Jim Weber, who drives Brooks to become one of the leading sports brands in the world today.

Featured technologies

Brooks doesn’t have a professional marketing engine like Nike and Adidas, so its running shoe technologies seem to be less well known, except for professional runners who already use Brooks shoes. Brooks technologies such as HydroFlow, DNA, BioMogo, etc. are hard to compare in terms of brand name with Nike’s AIR, Asics ‘GEL or Adidas’ BOOST, but Brooks still has its own voice in the running community. Why is that?

Check out the most outstanding Brooks technologies below to better understand.

  1. EVA – Revolutionary technology in the industry

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) – the technology has become a standard in the production of running shoe soles today.

EVA has a much lighter weight than rubber and also has better elastic shock resistance. The birth of EVA revolutionized the sports shoes industry. In addition, EVA is also applied a lot in life, such as floor pads and yoga mats.

Today, EVA is the running shoe company combined with more advanced auxiliary technologies such as AIR (Nike), GEL (Asics) and HydroFlow (Brooks) in the middle sole to bring the best running experience for the athlete.

  1. HydroFlow

HydroFlow® technology was launched by Brooks in 1989 to compete with Nike’s AIR technology and Asics’s GEL.

HydroFlow® is a mechanical buffer that is located in the heel area of ​​the middle sole. Inside the cushion is silicone oil that is compacted to reduce shock and create comfort for the foot when running. HydroFlow® is used in all Brooks shoes until it is completely replaced by DNA technology launched in 2010.

  1. DNA technology

DNA is Brooks’ most advanced mid-sole technology, which was first launched in 2010 on Glycerin 8. The outstanding advantage of DNA technology is its ability to customize hardness and elasticity depending on force acting on it.

Watch the video below to better understand the “magic” of this special DNA material.

DNA technology will flexibly change resilience depending on weight, speed and running terrain. Two different runners will feel different elastic force from DNA.

How to Choose the Best Brookes Running Shoes

Having the best Brook running shoe should help you to run more faster, more comfortable, or even help you to run for a longer distance.

Here are some tips on how to go about it:

  • You can visit a local store for a professional fitting. It’ s a great idea to create a relationship with staff who are knowledgeable about running products. You should listen to their expert advice and this will enable you to choose the right running shoe.
  • Choose a quality running pair of shoes.

You can choose a shoe with a higher price tag; this does not mean that you have you purchase the most expensive one to run. In a similar vein, opting for a cheaper pair of shoes may mean they aren’t designed with running comfort and may not hold up to the demand.

  • Use shoe finder in the brooks website it will take you the process of finding the right shoe.

Top 9 Best Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running ShoeWomen4.7
Brooks Women's Revel 3Women4.6
Brooks Women's Glycerin 17Women4.6
Brooks Women's Launch 6Women4.6
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19Men4.7
Brooks Mens Ricochet Running ShoeMen4.5
Brooks Men's Beast 18Men4.7
Brooks men BedlamMen4.6
Brooks men Levitate 2 Running shoeMen4.7

1. Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

This shoe is for neutral runners looking for a lightweight shoe and smooth ride without sacrificing cushioning. Whether you’re a Ghost loyalist or a lacing one up for the first time, you’ll find plenty to like. It is one of the best running shoes around. It delivers supreme comfort, thanks to a smooth engineered mesh upper and roomy fit. The shoe has neutral support that supports high energizing cushioning, ideal for running, cross-training, the gym, or wherever you might take them.

It has balanced, soft, and cushioning: Bio Mogo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.


  • Excellent outsole grip.
  • Supremely cushioned and soft ride.
  • A highly durable shoe that can last for more than 500+ miles.


  • Expensive

2. Brooks Women’s Revel 3

This shoe is for neutral runners looking for a shoe that looks good and performs even better. It has a soft, comfortable, and versatile fit. This lets you enjoy a secure fit of the inner bootie that surrounds your foot in all-day comfort. They have fresh look redesigned flat-knit upper and midsole provides a look and feel that’s perfect for work.

The shoe got a nice smooth ride with the right amount of cushioning. The shoe feels pretty light.

It also has a cushioning that adapts to your stride, weight, and speed to help protect you by deflecting the impact away from your body.


  • Comfortable fit
  • A new, fresh look
  • Plenty of cushions
  • Pretty light.


  • Wide and too many fabrics on the side of the shoe so it folds some

3. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17

The shoe for neutral runners obsessed with softness and cushioning provides a soft, luxurious feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness or durability. The engineered mesh upper and 3D fit print technology only enhance the fit.

It has smooth transitions, which makes every move from heel to toe feel incredibly soft and smooth.


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Reliable shoes
  • Great quality.
  • High durability
  • Supportive ride, outsole grip
  • Smooth interior very secure fit


  • Slightly heavy
  • Runs warm compared to older models

4. Brooks Women’s Launch 6

This shoe is for neutral runners who don’t like a super soft shoe.  It is light enough to be a race shoe for longer distances like a marathon.

This shoe delivers a responsive and stride without compromising speed or support. It’s midsole cushioning and rebounding rubber create a springy feel underfoot.

The one-piece mesh upper and internal bootie makes it lightweight fit.


  • More breathable.
  • Responsive midsole cushioning
  • Comfortable fit


  • A bit heavier

5. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

This shoe is ideal for runners with all arches looking for support. It comes with the Guiderail support system which keeps you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.

These shoes provide just the right amount of cushion in each step to let you float through your run.

It’s engineered mesh and 3D fit provides the structure and proven fit of this Go-To Shoe with a streamlined look.

It has balanced, soft, and cushioning: Bio Mogo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.


  • Extremely comfortable with good support.
  • Well-cushioned to provide softness
  • Perfect fit
  • It has a substantial midsole
  • Highly quality shoe


  • Drastic changes may upset longtime fans.

6. Brooks Mens Ricochet Running Shoe

This shoe is ideal for runners with medium to high arch looking for neutral support. It delivers a responsive and springy ride to add extra lift to your stride without compromising support or speed.

This shoe comes with bio Mogo DNA and DNA AMP mind sole technology which provides light-weight, best-in-class- energy return. It has intuitive fit, incognito comfort. Comfort goes stealth mode inside the sleek, adaptable fit knit upper.


  • Very responsive
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Durable construction


  • A bit heavy.
  • The toe box has no wiggle room.

7. Brooks Men’s Beast 18

This shoe is designed to endure almost everything, it offers great support ensures maximum stability. It also has incredible soft feeling underfoot. It’s absorbing midsole in Bio Mogo DNA, adapts dynamically to every stride while the progressive Diagonal Rollbar extends the body back into its natural movement pattern with even more control.

The mesh upper guarantees breathability and optimizes moisture management, keeping feet fresh and dry.


  • Comfortable
  • More breathable
  • Adequate pricing
  • Highly durability
  • Excellent traction
  • High-quality shoe.
  • Support and stability
  • More flexible


  • A bit heavier
  • Runs a bit narrow

8. Brooks men Bedlam

This shoe delivers a responsive and springy ride to add extra lift to your stride without compromising support or speed. It provides holistic support by guiding your feet into alignment. It also has responsive cushioning which provides best-in-class- energy in return, for a dynamic, springy, responsive ride.

The shoe has the dynamic midfoot wrap which makes feet feel secure inside of the highly adaptable fit knit upper. A suede heel tab protects your Achilles from irritation.


  • True fit and comfortable
  • Responsive and springy ride
  • Excellent support
  • Better feel


  • You may need a bit of time to get used to the feeling on instep section
  • A bit heavier.

9. Brooks men Levitate 2 Running shoe

This shoe is ideal for runners with medium to high arch looking for neutral support. It delivers a responsive and springy ride to add extra lift to your stride without compromising support or speed.

It has energized cushioning with the highest energy return of leading performance. It’s DNA AMP midsole technology gives you back more of the effort you put in. The inside of the highly adaptable fit knit holds a host of comfort features to keep you running at your best.


  • Responsive
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • Heavy
  • It has poor lacing
  • Not durable

Best Brooks Running Shoes


How do I choose the right shoe?

  • Get the right fit. You should select the right running shoe for a better experience. Selecting a shoe that doesn’t fit well, it could lead to pain and potential injury.
  • Make sure you have the right type of running shoe. Always chose your running shoe based on what kind of running you want to do. For every day running, go for versatile one which can handle all the running activities. For faster workouts you can go for lightweight shoes and finally, running on the dirt you need to choose a shoe with a more durable upper.
  • You can choose a shoe with a higher price tag; this does not mean that you have you purchase the most expensive one to run. In a similar vein, opting for a cheaper pair of shoes may mean they aren’t designed with running comfort and may not hold up to the demand.

What are the most comfortable brooks running shoes?

Brooks Ghost 12- this is the most popular shoe from Brooks Company, thanks to its responsive cushioning. It is one of the most versatile shoes you can find in the market today. The brooks ghost 12 shoe has a serious fan base, you can just give it a try.

Are brooks shoes good for running?

Best Brooks Company creates some of the best running shoes being sold in the market today. They have the perfect pair for every runner or marathoners, their reliable products come from premium materials, consistent rides, and top technologies that satisfy every runner’s expectations.

Their shoes are characterized by more responsive cushioning and higher energy returns. They emphasize speed and foot turnaround and are generally more lightweight than other brands in the cushioned category.

Which brooks shoe has the best arch support?

The following brooks shoes has the best arch support in their category.

Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost 12 is one of the best selling shoes for a decade now. It is one of the most reliable products in the market today. You can run with it in any kind of road, whether you are a beginner or professional marathoner it keeps a great fit before other models. It has an upper mesh that feels great. These shoes have balanced cushioning and weight, which strike the perfect balance.

Its DNA loft foam helps support the arch by conforming to your foot and spreading impact energy across the sole.

For a better running experience, Brooks Ghost 12 is a great choice.

Brooks Glycerin 17

Brooks Glycerin 17 is another great addition under this category. Its DNA loft in the midsole provides a plush, responsive, and cushioned ride experience. This helps you maintain adequate balance and support. The shoe is a soft, more comfortable feel as soon as you put them on.

Another great thing about this shoe is its durability, the outsole’s use of ridged technology and transitions get you flexibility enabling you to run for a long distance. It is a great option too.

Are brooks shoe worth the money?

Brooks Company generally creates good running shoes at a reasonable price. Any shoe is only worth as much you are prepared to pay for it. They have a top range of shoes which are quite comfortable and worth any penny you may spend.

Brooks’ company shoes are one of the top brands of running products. They have led the shoe industry with their innovation and technology.

How many running miles do a brook running shoes last?

Brooks Company suggests a mileage estimate of 250 to 500 running miles, depending on the model of the shoe. But it’s pretty evident that a shoe’s lifespan just depends on the runner.


Running sport shoes might seem confusing, but having the right product is all you need for better results and experience. Always go for the right product according to your need and expectations.