10 Best Basketball Sneakers 2020 Reviews

Basketball is one of the most active sports where all the players jump, run, and do physical activities continuously. For all these reasons, the entire basketball player searches to go for the best basketball sneakers. Choosing the right basketball shoe for it is always a challenging thing for you all. All the basketball sneakers are built in such a manner that it comes with the performance, comfort as well as style.

So, when you are going to go for the basketball shoes, at first, you all need to understand the playing style and which sneaker can handle that. In basketball, there are many players who all throw balls to basket from a distance, show aggression, power, and speed and jump frequently. So, to choose the right sneaker for playing basketball, there are different things that you all need to take a look at. To make it simple for you all, you can go below to know how to choose the best sneaker for yourself.

Best Basketball Sneakers

Top 10 Best Basketball Sneakers for You 

When you are planning to play basketball, then you need to wear a top-rated basketball sneaker for it. As there are many sneakers in the market, so, here is the list of the best basketball sneakers for you all that you can buy.

Adidas Performance Man Crazy Explosive Basketball Sneaker4.7
Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Illation Mid Basketball Shoe4.8
Under Armour Men's Ua Curry 2.54.8
Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe4.7
Under Armour Men's UA CluthFit Drive 3 Low Basketball Shoes4.8
Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe4.6
Nike Men's Kyrie Low Basketball Sneaker4.7
Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe4.9
PEAK men's basketball sneaker4.7
Adidas Performance Men's Crazylight low boost4.6

1. Adidas Performance Man Crazy Explosive Basketball Sneaker

If you are a high energy performer in the basketball court, then this shoe is the right shoe for you all. The sneaker has got an excellent cushion material in it, which provides comfort when you jump or run.

It is incredibly lightweight with breathable material covering the shoe.

If you take a look at the traction of the shoe, then for it, it comes with a translucent rubber over the midsole. This thing helps you in comforting the things in a better way and reduces the traction as well. When you wear the sneaker, the mesh tongue and material quality provide stability to the foot.

Reason to like it

  • Breathable mesh tongue
  • Excellent lockdown with the heel piece
  • It comes with a rubber boost over the midsole
  • Got a lace system that provides support and stability

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Illation Mid Basketball Shoe

There are many basketball players who all search for the top basketball sneaker within a budget. In that case, you can get your hand on the Adidas performance Cloudfoam Illation sneaker.

The comfort level, smoothness, and the quality of the fabric used in the sneaker are all of the top quality. The best part of the shoe is that the shoe comes with excellent breathable material and is lightweight as well.

If you look at the mesh, collar, and tongue of the shoe, then it is designed in such a way that it allows the flow of air inside it. The most attractive feature of the sneaker is the introduction of the sock liner and midsole in Cloudfoam.

Due to these, the sneaker is lightweight, and it ensures the foot to be very much comfortable and secure as well.

As you can find all these top features in the shoe, it can help you in making your gameplay a top one.

Reason to like it

  • It comes with the breathable uppers
  • You can get the memory foam that is there in the footbed
  • To give better traction, it comes with the rubber outsole
  • The sock liner and midsole have got cloudfoam in it

3. Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

The next best sneaker that you can buy for playing basketball is the Under Armour men’s Ua curry 2.5. The shoe is loved by many basketball players for its is extraordinary features. You all can see that these wraps are built in such a way that the shoes become incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and stable as well. Inside the shoe, you can find the external heel counter, which can lock the foot, which provides your stability and can provide you with excellent ankle support.

The shoe comes with a Micro G foam, which helps in adding comfort, and it can give you explosive take-offs when you are going to play. The shoe is full of support, cushioning, and it comes with the stability to play in the court, the shoe comes with the best pattern; it gives an excellent grip in the court as well.

Reason to like it

  • It comes with the anti-friction cloth
  • It has got an anti-microbial Ortholite sock line in it
  • The shoe has full-length Micro G foam
  • It has a multi-directional organic herringbone pattern that provides you with the best traction

4. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

If you are in search of going for the mid-range basketball sneakers among the basketball sneakers, then buy Nike’s Men’s Hyperdunk X team. In the shoe, you all can get many features in it which provides you with the support, stability as well as comfort level. You all can see that it comes with the heel and forefoot Zoom Air facility inside it. Due to these facilities, you can see that it helps you in providing the best comfort while playing with it.

The shaft of the sneaker is nearly 3.75 inches from the arch and for which it can provide excellent stability while jumping and running at high speed. You all can see that the traction can help you in giving the rubber sole that comes with the tread pattern, and it allows you to have a good grip on the court. The laces come with the flywire cables that help in keeping the foot of the player in a firm position.

Reason to like it

  • It provides you with a multi-directional movement
  • The tread pattern of Herringbone provides you with the best grip
  • It comes with the heel and forefoot zoom air units
  • The laces and fly wire cables help in lockdown

5. Under Armour Men’s UA CluthFit Drive 3 Low Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for the top basketball sneakerthen you all must keep in mind that it comes with the best facilities for you all. When you are going to buy the sneaker, you can feel the breathlessness, support as well as the stretch of the foot inside the sneaker in a better way. You can see that the stability and support of the lacing system of the bear trap show how well it helps in keeping the foot in a stable form.

The sneaker has got a cushion-like material in it, which provides comfort in that area. It, too, helps in charging the cushion of the things in a better way so that it can have a good impact while giving the boost to the movement.

The use of advanced technology in it helps in giving you with the stretch, comfort as a well right balance. It all helps you in ensuring that the shoe has got into a comfortable way for you to move in here.

Reason to like it

  • The latest technology of ClutchFit Drive 3
  • It has a bear strap system for lacing
  • It has got micro G foam for push-offs

6. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

The shoe comes with the latest technology in it, and it helps you in getting the dribble, drops dimes and in the running in the court smoothly. The material that is used in it is such that it is very much breathable as well as it is supportive. It also ensures the thing in here as it is very much lightweight, and it brings the right level of comfort.

This comes with the carbon fiber shank inside the sneaker, which helps you in locking the things in the right way. It comes with the rubber sole so that it will provide the best traction in the court. It is always a supportive thing for the sneaker.

Reason to like it

  • Comes with the meta-wing carbon fiber shank
  • Comes with the antifoam that provides the best fit
  • It has got a rubber sole as well as the outsole for the best traction
  • It comes with the charged cushion that helps in energy conversion

7. Nike Men’s Kyrie Low Basketball Sneaker

The next top basketball sneaker for you all is the Nike Men’s Kyrie Low Basketball sneaker. The sneaker is made with so many features that most of the high-performance players love to go for such sneakers. The features include the material, synthetic material mixture as well with smooth cushions.

The cushions are such that the sneaker is breathable, and for that, it provides you with the best thing in it. The outside of the shoe is made of synthetic and leather material. As a result, it gives a shiny and attractive surface to it. With the inclusion of the Zoom Air Unit in it, it helps you provide a very low-profile cushion for you all. It helps your inability to stop as well as helps in going for the moment’s notice in it as well.

The rubber sole in the shoe ensures that it provides you with the best traction. Not only that, it too helps you in providing the best features, especially for the defenders of the game.

Reason to like it

  • Comes with hyperfuse construction
  • It has got a Zoom Air unit in the heel
  • Comes with the Phylon foam that provides you with comfort
  • It has an integrated forefoot band, which helps in locking the forefoot for stability

8. Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

If you are interested in going for the low basketball shoe, then you can buy Adidas Pro Bounce low shoes. The body of the shoe is built with the synthetic mesh, and it has an excellent breathable feature in it. The low-cut shoe comes with the design of low-cut mode, which helps you in moving the ankle in a freeway smoothly in the court.

Moreover, then these features, the sneaker comes with the TPU shank material that helps in the propulsion during the play mode. The sneaker helps in providing the best thing for you to provide support during the take-off in the game. The rubber sole in the sneaker offers better traction in the court and gives better stability during the gameplay.

Reason to like it

  • It has a breathable body
  • It has a low-cut design for better ankle movement
  • The use of TPU shank and propulsion for support
  • The sole provides you better traction

9. PEAK men’s basketball sneaker

For all high-performance players, they all search for the best performance shoes in the basketball court. In that case, going for the Peak Men’s basketball sneaker is the best idea for you all. The material by which the sneaker is built is of pure synthetic, and it is of breathable material. The sneaker is designed in such a manner that it offers you with better stability when you are running at high speed and jumping for shooting the ball.

The underfoot cushion that is present in the sneaker is of leather and knit in the fabric for providing the ventilation. The sole of the shoe is made of anti-slip and durable as well for a better grip.

Reason to like it

  • It is a high-performance sneaker
  • It comes with a breathable material
  • The cushion is breathable and provides ventilation

10. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight low boost

In this sneaker, you can find it very comfortable as well as breathable. The fabric and materials used in it are very smooth and helps you in performing at a peak in the court. The design of the shoe is such that it helps in providing you with better stability during the running and jumping. It helps you in boosting the performance due to its high-profile materials in it. It is very lightweight with excellent anti-slip features in it.

Reason to like it

  • It comes with the molded TPU eyestay piece
  • A heel cup in the sneaker for the lockdown
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a rubber sole for better traction

Best Basketball Sneakers

How to pick the right basketball sneaker for yourself?

If you are planning to buy a basketball sneaker for yourself, then for that, you need to have a look at different factors. These factors play a vital role while going for the sneakers, as it is the one that can make a significant impact on your gameplay.

When you are going for the basketball sneakers, you need to consider these things as per the performances on-court.

Support from sneaker

The very first thing that you all need to do while choosing the sneaker is to look at the support system of the sneaker. It means you need to see how the sneaker can bear the shape, activity, and weight of yours during the playing time. The sneaker must be designed in such a way that it can help you in doing all events without any hindrance to it.

To make it easy to find out about the best sneaker, you need to take into account the heel, mid-foot, and toe position inside the sneaker. Not only that, check the position of the ankle and how well it covers the portion and how comfortable it is for you while running and jumping. With that, all you can get the basketball sneakers for yourself at the end.

The gripping capability of sneaker

The next thing that you need to take into account while going for the basketball sneakers is its gripping function. As in these sports, you all are running at high speed and jump to height, so you must get the sneaker with excellent gripping quality. The basketball courts are not the same everywhere and you need to go for the sneaker as per the surface. You must choose the shoewear, which provides you with the proper traction for you in the court.

For all that, you need to take a look at the base of the shoe. Check the pattern, shape as well as material at which the base is built. After that, you can get the best sneaker for playing basketball in the court.


It means that it refers to the look of the sneakers and how all they look in your foot. Choosing the shoe which defines your character and shows attractiveness is always an important thing. So, when you are choosing the right sneaker, you can go for these things in it.

While buying any sneaker, you need to take a look at the material of the sneaker, durability of the sneaker, and the color of the sneaker as well. You need to check these things in a significant way so that in the end, you can get the best and attractive sneakers in your foot.

Comfort level

Buying a basketball sneaker is always a tricky work. When you are going to buy the sneaker, you need to check the comfort level of the sneaker. As you will be wearing it for a long time as well as playing with the sneaker on, so it is always the best idea for you all to check the comfort level of the sneaker.

To go for it, you need to check the inside quality of the sneaker. You need to check the width of the sneaker, cushion softness, and tightness around your foot. After going through it, you can get an overall idea about it and can get an idea about the comfort level of the sneakers before buying it.

Style of playing 

The next thing that you need to check before purchasing any sneaker is the style of playing. In basketball, there are different roles a player plays, and for each role, there are different sneakers as they give a different level of energy and effort in it. For all of it, you need to know about the playing style of yours in court. There are four types of style of playing which are here.

  • Facilitator
  • Slasher
  • Post player
  • Shooter

So, as per these styles, you need to go for the basketball sneakers from stores and choose the best one so you can at the peak of your performance with the sneaker on.

Type of body

Body type plays an essential role in selecting the basketball sneakers for you. It is because, with each body type, there are different kinds of body shapes for which sneakers may not be comfortable. There are three types of body types among the players.

  • Ectomorph

In this body type, the body is lean with small joints and small muscles. They are also at high risk of getting injured.

  • Endomorph

In these types, you will have a stocky frame with medium muscle mass and fat.

  • Mesomorph

The body type is athletic, and they have healthy joints and muscles.

So, you need to choose the sneaker as per your body type so that you can perform well in the basketball court efficiently without any injury scare or discomfort.

How to clean basketball shoes

For basketball lovers, basketball shoes are indispensable items for them when they are playing. In addition to the great teammates, each player has an additional companion on the field, supporting and giving them confidence, speedy steps and nice jumps. That companion is a great pair of basketball shoes. For such a good friend to be with us longer, let’s learn how to clean and preserve our basketball shoes!

Notes on cleaning your basketball shoes

1. Clean the stains on your shoes with water

Let the stains or dirty soil on your shoes dry, then flap your shoes on the ground so that the dry soil or stains could come out. Put a piece of paper on the ground to avoid making the ground. Then, take a wet towel and wipe away the remaining stains on the shoes.

Note: Never use detergent and soap directly on your shoes when washing. Use diluted soap to clean your shoes.

2. Do not wash your shoes by washing machine

Even for clothes, washing by machine will reduce their durability and lifespan. Similarly, as for sports shoes, especially basketball shoes, you should wash them by hand. Do not put your shoes into the machine!

3. After washing the shoes, do not put them into the dryer for quick drying

The high temperature of the dryer will damage the shoe material and the shoe glue.

4. Clean and wash your shoes periodically

Whether you use your shoes frequently or just occasionally, use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt after each use. Spend time washing your shoes periodically to ensure the shoes are always clean, avoiding long-lasting dirt that is very hard to clean.

Notes on preserving your basketball shoes

  • Do not expose your shoes to direct sunlight. Dry your shoes naturally in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  • When your shoes are not in use, store them in a dry place. Keep your shoes away from moisture-prone or moldy areas. High humidity is also a condition for bacteria to multiply, especially under the cold weather.
  • Wear and take off the shoes in a right manner.

I hope you now understand how to clean and preserve your own basketball shoes to have the best experience with this sport. In addition, to have a great pair of shoes, instead of choosing cheap shoes from unknown brands, find and pick GENUINE basketball shoes from reputable brands.

Best Basketball Sneakers


Does the weight of sneakers affect the movement?

Yes, the weight of the sneaker affects the movement of the player. More the weight of sneaker slow is the movement and vice-versa.

Is it reasonable to bring a sneaker with a breathable feature?

As basketball is a game where you all continuously run and jump, so the feet get sweaty. To minimize that effect and bring a cooling effect, it is good to go for the breathable sneakers.

Can I wear any sneakers for basketball?

Well, you can wear any kind of sneaker as you want. But still, you should go for the sneaker as per your feet type, playing style, and other built things for better performance.

Does the right sneaker improve the gameplay?

When you wear the sneaker with the best comfort level, your feet will automatically start to move freely and thus can increase the performance of your gameplay.


So, to have the best basketball sneakersfor you is very much challenging for all players. It is a headache for all players to choose the right wear for the game, but from here, you all can get a good idea about which sneaker is best for you all.